Thursday, May 26, 2016

I Always Wondered Why LBC post

I Always Wondered Why - this weeks LBC topic leapt from the fertile mind of Lin over in Deutschland. 

I Always Wondered Why:

is there air? 
intelligent conversation is so rare?
civil discourse is rapidly disappearing
scotch is an acquired taste  - if it sucks don't keep drinking it - oops too late
things that taste really good are usually bad for you
so many pictures of Jesus are so  clearly inaccurate
not simply let Texas secede
it took my beloved los Tiburones 25 years to make the finals
does a curveball curve
don't people say what they mean and mean what they say
is there still a charade about amateur athletes and the Olympics
every other culture in the world has better bread than the USA
Do Fools Fall in Love 
Can't We Be Friends 

I suppose the list could go on but what the heck - I still need to check on my LBC mates. 


I Always Wondered Why


  1. Shackman, what constitutes "intelligent" conversation? Where is the bench mark? And who sets it?

    As to "civil discourse rapidly disappearing". Really? People are becoming more waspish and thin skinned. That's what. Either deleting you or running, when a little bit of dust hits the fan of their comment boxes, to Mama to make it all better because someone said boo to their goose. A fine example is your friend Lin. And since she is your friend I shan't say another word. Because the other day another blogger stopped being friends with me because his friend was talking shite and I had the audacity to point this out. Apparently friends are exempt from a healthy dose of constructive criticism.

    Other than, Shackman, whilst I haven't recently commented on your blog I do, faithfully, read it - you do write always original, always refreshing. no bullshit, nourishment for thought,and then there is the music ...


  2. Hi U - nice to hear from you. I thought youcould not listen to the music - notthat it is anything you like. We are a generation apart at least. And your comments are also nothing less than honest and pithy - I have rarely crossed sword/pens/fingers with anyone as fun as you. Ban sound bite commets is my response to the to questions I offered BTW.

  3. Ah, the finer things in life, Chuck-a little gentile intellectual talk, some fine things to eat and drink, a couple of good friends, some great music. Like the way you handled the lbc's problem. I'd handle her for you myself, but 1. you're a big boy, 2. she isn't worth it 3. she isn't worth it.

  4. You have again surprised me! For one, there is no music and two, I had expected you to be less curious.

    1. there are songs - the last 2 in the list are both song links

  5. According to 1966 Grammy Award Winner Bill Cosby, any P.E. major could tell you there is air to blow up basketballs and footballs and volleyballs.

    1. Russ tht ws the one I recalled - I usually just use volleyballs thugh as that was the album photo. In light of revelations about Mt Cosby I think it is now time to drop any references to him in the future.

    2. I believe in giving credit where it is due.

  6. There is air, since we don't have gills

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