Thursday, June 9, 2016

Peace of Mind LBC 06/10/16

This weeks topic comes from Ramana.  Peace of  mind.  That elusive state we all seek. It's something akin to knowing you've given your all in any given task. You left it all on the field of play/battle and you gave your best possible effort. What will be will be.

For some of us it comes from a spiritual rebirth or awakening. Have you ever  simply stared in awe at one of the may wonders in the world?

Of course there is also Piece of  Mind -not to be compared with this weeks topic. But what the heck - lets live  dangerously. This piece of mind is reserved for those who irritate the bejeebers out of us to the point we simply cannot maintain our silence and we fire away. The piece of mind we give up is typically not pleasant though it certainly can be in civil discourse. You remember that don't you? I know it is election season but think back to those thrilling days of yesteryear.

I confess - my peace of mind is about to flee the coop as I am about to be set upon by my daughter and her family once again, Suffice it to say I shall need to refill my BP prescription. I am - though - looking forward to being around my 6-year old grandson again. Amazing how restorative that can be to peace of mind. 

That's my take on Ramana's topic - I am curious how he will handle it. Synchronicity not withstanding, he has an eastern mindset whereas I am decidedly western. Brothers from different mothers as it were although we have shown to be in sync on many things. And Lin is never predictable. 
See ya next week - 


  1. Ramana speaks of, during his near-death experience-the separation of mind and body. His interpretation of "Self" - a current or force that continues on regardless of the life or death of the body. During my 3rd stroke I too experienced this exact same process of continuing on regardless of the condition of the body I was leaving behind; the force, the current. I met Jesus who told me I could choose between life or death; for him, it didn't matter either way, my 'current' would continue on. I looked at death; it was a somber, very nice state of being. Then I looked at life, and chose to return to that state of being, I had not fulfilled what I needed to do in life. So I told Him, and suddenly I started to float away, and He instructed me, "Tell Others". Meanwhile, back in reality, I was as good as dead, hardly any life signs, there was a team of doctors and nurses trying to revive me at Harris Downtown ER stroke unit and were ready to give me last rites and pronounce the time of death when I suddenly sat up and asked for a bedpan, I had to pee. They wheeled me into a berth with tons of wires and monitors attached; I kept asking for a bedpan. Then, I ripped out all the tubes and wires and hopped off the gurney and said, "Which way is the bathroom?" and took off, all of them yelling and screaming at me. Made it just in time and relieved myself, then went back and they put me all back into all the wires and tubes. I did not remember anything until 2 years later, and now, I am telling others as Jesus instructed me to do. There is existence after death, much like birth; from one state of being to another, you can be assured, your 'self' will go on regardless of your body; you never lose your 'self'.

  2. Somehow Pops I can easily visualize you doing that6 bathroom run. Also you are clearly reaping the benefits of the Jesus RSSP. I have to admit - you are doing many more useful things in life with this chance than peddling stuff for the Shack. You have found your- true calling and peace of mind. Congrats my friend. Well done.

  3. There is convergence indeed. You say que sera sera, and I say, Thathaasthu. That is Sanskrit which means, So Be It.

  4. It is elusive because we seek it outside! :)