Friday, February 6, 2015


Our topic this week comes from the sage of Pune - Ramana.

Sleep. We all need it.  Some of us enjoy it.  One of the reasons I enjoy sleeping is the chance to dream of people and things no longer available to me in real life. My preference is to be in a cold room with lots of blankets. Regular blankets - I never cared much for electric blankets.

Sleep is musically rich too -

And then there's this tune - Chris Bliss puts a nice spin on it (it's better live  - I have seen him)

Then there's the nap.  As I get older, naps are becoming more attractive.  There's nothing quite like catching a few winks when the opportunity presents itself. They can be quite energizing.

How about music that helps you go to sleep....

That's my quick take on Sleep.  Check out what the other LBC members have to say   - I'm headed there now.


  1. Sleep? I managed 30 minutes sleep last night. Mind you I could have done with a few hours more. It was a tough week. Looks like the King of Pune is in forced retirement, I got a 403 forbidden notice again today.

  2. It has been the most frustrating time for the King/Sage of Pune with his shoulder gone crook and his blog misbehaving. And most importantly, sleep being very elusive too. Some times the blog works and you can see my take on it. In the meanwhile, as usual a great selection of music to put anyone to sleep!