Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Good Old Days.

This week''s topic - The Good Old Days - was chosen by Ramana. Be sure to visit Ramana's Musings to see his take on the topic.

Who among us hasn't at some point in time shrugged their shoulders and said back in the day we we would never get away with saying that, doing that or something similar in response to some action by a less than respectful (in our mind) young person? How many pictures of push mowers have been posted in response to a complaint about mowing the grass with a power mower? How many times have you heard or read that you ate what was put in front of you or you ate nothing ar all? For me that usually referred to Tuna Casserole on Tuesday nights when Sea Hunt was on. To this day I cannot look at a can oan of tuna without this flashing through my brain - 

Think about it. Were things really better back in the day? I find it hard to believe a member of the LGBTQ community looks back on the fifties with warm, fuzzy feelings about living a lie and having to deny who they really were. And African Ameericans look back on Amos 'n Andy or Rochester warmly? The Jim Crow south? Or were  the sixties and the Black Panthers more nostalgic for them? Confession time - I thought Amos 'n Andy was hilarious and so were The Honeymooners. Both shows were laden with stereotypes and of course we all know that is political correctness - a serious no-no these days.

The good old days is largely generational - each generation has its very own good old days. Younger generations these days enjoy blaming the baby boomers for today's problems.We rebellious boomers started the participation awards nonsense and our children picked up that ball and ran with it Most of the current politicians - whose failings and actions are directly responsible for the election of Donald Trump as POTUS45. Apparently we never learned to be careful what we ask for as we got it - a non-politician in the white house. In this instance the good old days might be considered to be any time before Trump was  elected. 

A fair number of Catholics consider the Second Vatican Council of 1962-1965 as the delineation point for the good old days in their faith, meaning anything before that is valid after it not so. Think Mel Gibson and his traditionalist Catholic beliefs as an example. In fact Christianity has several changes which could be considered defining points for the good old days. Think any Protestant sect. Think Church of Jesus Christ for Latter Day Saints.

Every generation claims to have the best music. I laugh when I hear a kid these days disparage the Beatles. It is highly unlikely that without the Beatles, popular music would have evolved to what is popular today. The Beatles turned popular music on its ear as they broke new ground with things like Sgt Pepper and inspired people like Brian Wilson, Bruce Springsteen and others. The Beatles went from being a standard guitar band to a highly complex mixture of orchestral sounds and experimentation that is all the more amazing when you consider the band members could neither read  nor write music (not to be confused with and was inspired by them and others and so today we have rap and hip hop. Not surprisingly we encounter a good old days speedbump here - I just heard these 50-year old tune on the radio and enjoyed them  as much as ever. If you have a sudden nostalgic urge to hear  these just click the link.

I Will.

You Didn t Have to Be So Nice
 Will this next song be as popular in 50 years? My guess is no. But my mixed- race grandkids disagree.

Naughty by Nature

There is a certain nostalgia for film noire that has been around fordecades. Some folks simply perefer black and white as a medium - listen to the hue and cry whenever a classic film is colorized. As many hate the newly colorized version as perefer. Many a Good Old Days moments here. 

It has become the custom in many  a competition these days to have no winner or      losers and lets give everyone aparticipatipn trophy too while we are st it. Sadly ths seems to have evolved from my very own Baby Boomer generation. So this Good Old Days moment is very valid - lets get back to the good old days of teaching kids how to play a sport fairly and to be good winners or - perish the thought - losers. Kids need to learn how to compete to get along in the world today.

So where are we with the topic? Are the old days really the Good Old Days? Are they really better? The answer is a great big old sometimes. But older is no guarantee of better. This line from another favorite song of mine gets it - "Yesterdays over my shoulder but I can't look back for too long. There's just too much to see wauring inn front of me and I know that I just can't go wrong"

Don;t recognize it? Here's a link to the song

Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Atitudes

While some things never change, we are really bettere off culturally when things evolve and grow. We may not love the changes as they occur but progress comes from adapting to change and adopting changes. These days corporal punishment - or really a lack thereof - is another big Good Old Days rant. Both sides vehemently defend their choices. A few other somehat common Good Old Days flashpoints include Kids growing up playing outside vs the electronic devices; Violence in video games (and remember - my generation grew up playing some form of gun centered game, deending on what the latest popular movie was. And some of those guns shot plastic bullets - I had one of these

And of course I had a Rifleman rifle and Josh Randall's (Steve McQueen) Mare's Leg from Wanted Dead or Alive. And several friends had big backyards in which to play guns. We played them all - Paladin, Rifleman, Josh Randall, Wyatt Earp, Matt Dillon, Hopalong Cassidy, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry - even Audie Murphy. I am not sure a video game is as much fun as gunnunn'down Virgil Barnhart or Kenny Lockard in a serious bout of guns in Virgil's back yard. And yes the Indians could be good guys - Broken Arrow had Michael Ansara as Cochise and Tonto was no stereotypical Indian to us - he was one of the good guys. And the Mexican kids had The Cisco Kid, Zorro and El Fego Baca.

So that is my quick shack take on The Good Old Days. I confess I am occasionally guilty with some of my nostalgic trips back in time - I do think in a few instances those times were better, But I believe looking forward and constantly learning is the way to go. And you do know what they say about the past - if we do not learn from the past we are doomed to repeat it. One last thing - none of my neighborhood buddys was ever Bat Masterson Nobody had the requisite cane and derby hat.


  1. I somehow expected you to be pro the good old days! I however also expected you to use music to score your points and am not disappointed. We have come to the same conclusion using different approaches. I enjoyed the exercise.

    1. Music is the one part where they really are the good old days - but generally speaking things are progressing and getting better. I think I made my point fairly well with the gun example and the race/homophobe points. It might be interesting to see how you feel in 26-60 years and things aren't so radically different from your socialist past though.

    2. Glad you enjoyed it Tammy, The trick is to notget lostin the past - it is the past because something bnetter usually came along, although I am firm;y rooted in the music of the 60s and 7-s. I feel the same as you about hip hop but with so many mixed race kids here I have to hear a lotof it. Give me the Spoonful or Beatles any old day.

      Yes - Nimoy is in a lot of old TV shows - half of the fun innwatching them is catching future stars as they were beginning. I could never be a teacher - aabsolutely the wrong temperment fpr it

    3. LOL! well I didn't say you might not be a curmudgeon type of teacher! but you'd definitely keep their interest I think.
      one thing... you are NOT boring!
      and I think your mixed race kids all in one home sounds fun and should keep you on your toes! I'm actually taking this chest cold to bed now. I think I've pretty well got it whipped finally! just watched a bio/docu on Ruth Bader G.
      it was good! she's quite the little firecracker! and it showed her sound asleep in Trump's last state of the union address! LOLOL.

  2. I loved your examples. Sea Hunt in particular. we always watched that. I had to laugh! though I grew up loving Tuna Casserole night I could never talk mother into not using cream of mushroom soup. I would pick out the little dark pieces very quietly so our dad didn't see. we were supposed to eat everything served to us!
    did you notice in the Sea Hunt clip that Leonard Nimoy was also in it? it underlined Nimoy. is that not right?
    the ad for the lifelike pistol fanning-style! OMG. those things might kill or harm the family puppy or cat! and what kid wouldn't point at that just out of curiosity. and to think a few years ago the police literally shot a little boy for walking with a supposedly life-like toy gun. (that's a whole other post!) your post raises so many wonderful thoughts. it's a history lesson in itself. I fear we're doomed to repeat. because I can't see much progress. on the surface we've progressed perhaps but inside people's hearts the issues remain the same. which is pitiful. I do think it's great that people of both sexes can marry if they want to. although it should be the same across the nation. you shouldn't be breaking a law if you cross into another state!
    the music of the Beatles... I never tire of. just as I will never really appreciate Rap or hip hop. so good old days in the heart of the beholder? yup. thanks for the trip down nostalgia lane!
    you should be a teacher Shack. not just sayin'. I mean it.