Thursday, March 15, 2012

On those days

When just getting out of bed is a chore - for whatever reason - I find myself more than ever drawn to music.  More often thannot it's the music of my  youth - not because I live in the past.  Circumstances dictate I be seriously grounded in the now - but I find solace in older songs.  The selection may be somewhat surprising - for instance this is one of my all time favorite songs, always in my top 10 but the title and subject may shock some who know me  if we've ever discussed religion....

Then there's this one that makes me think of Lynn - who essentially left the building 10-11 years ago even though my primary purpose in life is to act as her  caregiver

Music lets me escape the realities of the day in some cases and reminds me of realities past in others.  Some voices just get to me - here is Bev Bivens -my fave female voice of the sixties singing another favorite song of mine

And when I need a boost I listen to this one - an early rocker written by a friend of mine - and the subject of which is a book called The Kama Sutra

And now the music has served its purpose - I am ready to face the day.  Come what may.