Friday, June 29, 2012


Light.   Hmmmm  - not heavy?   Nah – that  doesn’t fit my multi-X before the L circumferentially challenged self.  Something that makes vision possible?  Well sure – that’s a blinding flash of the obvious.   And isn’t a blinding flash of the obvious something that enlightens or informs?       One certainly hopes so.

  How about a noteworthy person in a particular place or field – as in Ramana, Fossil, David, Paul, Grannymar et al – in fact any individual member of the LBC. All leading lights in the blogging world. They enlighten, inform and entertain as they shed light on any given topic. Hey – that’s almost a twofer!

Clearly light is a  multifaceted, nuanced word with many meanings.  It’s a spiritual awakening in your hour of need. The all-changing epiphany.  In its purest form light is the truth – which is why so much political discourse here of late is dark and dreary.

It appears light is whatever you need it to be whenever you need it  so light is also politically correct.  Or not.

Perhaps light is not something you can pigeon-hole.  Light gets outside the lines. Gee – that makes sense unless the lines are walls, ceilings  and floors at which time light is boxed. But is that really true if you are not there to see the light? And to open a door to look lets the light escape. Makes the room go dark.  So light is the absence of dark? It’s all so confusing.  Sigh.

I hope you enjoyed this brief light-hearted look at this weeks topic. As for me – it’s lights out time. But first,   thanks Will for making us all think. Please check the opther LBC writers for their take on this subject.  See how Will lit their fires.   Anu, Delirious, gaelikaa, Grannymar, Maxi, Maria SF, ocdwriter, Padmum, Paul The Old Fossil and Wil

Friday, June 22, 2012

My first memory - well OK - memories

This week's LBC topic is your first memory.  I'm looking forward to seeing what the other members of the LBC have to say - I hope they had as much fun reminiscing as I did - please check them out and see what they had to say about the Old Fossil's chosen topic
r, Anu, Delirious, gaelikaa, Grannymar, Maxi, Maria SF, ocdwriter, Padmum, PaulThe Old Fossil and Will.

My first memory is a jumble of things.  I remember the first day of kindergarten, Miss Knobbs   the teacher and several of the other kids. I remember my grandmother's pal Peggy Mitchell visiting us in her Desoto and the case of Coke she kept in her back seat. She always had a Coke in her hand.  I remember going to Trinidad and Walsenburg to visit Aunt Edith and Uncle Milo and their son Marko.  Marko had kids a bit older than me - all girls - and my cousins.

Aunt Edith and Uncle Milo owned the cafĂ© at the bus station in Trinidad and she was a great cook.  Whenever she visited us in Pueblo she made fresh ravioli - even at the tender age of 4 or 5 I recognized true heaven on a plate.  Plus there were sheets of freshly made pasta hanging all over while she made the meal.  Uncle Milo was a curmudgeonly old guy - their last name was Kalabich and they were immigrants from an eastern European country - but I'm not sure which one.

There was also a great aunt from Dallas I remember visiting us.  Aunt Emma Lou (very southern ya know).  Her visits stand out because she insisted on having a treat nightly before retiring - vanilla ice cream with cereal on it and I was always invited to join her. The first Christmas I recall was the one my grandmother made me a Hopalong Cassidy outfit.  Grandma was an excellent seamstress - as you can see.

All of these things I recall from ages 4-5 - it's all a bit of a jumble but a very fond jumble.  It was fun revisiting the memories. Speaking of memories, here's an appropriate tune for the subject

Friday, June 15, 2012

The last three people I’ve spoken to (apart from family or household members)

Clearly I made a wise decision to jump into the LBC pond this week rather than last week. This week's topic is the cold beer to last week's very hot, sunny day. Call it what you will - there's no god in this weeks post.  Well - unless of course one of the other members spoke to her.  Or him.  Or it. The LBC (Loose Bloggers Consortium) is a group of bloggers that write on the same subject each Friday and they are spread far and wide - India, Ireland, New Zealand, California and more.  A varied group with a myriad of opinions on most everything.

Bob called.  We made arrangements to meet Saturday at the 7th Street Movie Tavern for a 10:30 AM showing of Prometheus in 3D.  This will be my first exposure to the current 3D technology so I'm almost as interested in that aspect as I am the movie.  Those of you unfamiliar with the Movie Tavern can check it out here -- DFW 7th Street Movie Tavern - it's really an amazing place.

Reginald called yesterday.  I should say Reginald's butt called me.  As he was not there when I answered the phone, I called him back and he was rather sheepish about the non-call. I suggested he find another pocket in which to keep his phone.

Lastly I spoke to our landlord about needed repairs on the house we rent. As usual she was responsive and dispatched appropriate service.

Nary an interesting conversation amongst the lot.  These days those tend to be via email or blogs - more out of necessity than desire. Or maybe I'm just anti-social.  Who knows.

It's ALoha Friday as we used to say in Hawaii - here's a tune to get you started.  Or help you finish your day.  Enjoy.


So that's my first LBC entry.  I'm looking forward to the fun - I've been reading this gang of posters for over a year and sometimes commenting.  Please check out the others -

Anu, Delirious, gaelikaa, Grannymar, Maxi, Maria SF, ocdwriter, Padmum, PaulThe Old Fossil