Friday, September 28, 2012

LBC Topic - Faces

This week's LBC topic comes to us by way of Padmini. And an interesting topic it is.  Faces.

There are Small Faces

And there are Faces

There're Smiling Faces

Wise words those....

Everyone has many faces.   It's our job to understand what those faces mean -  and when to trust what comes from those faces.  Our ability to survive and even thrive can well depend on how we handle that simple task. Illusionists spend countless hours learning to read faces.  Perhaps we'd all be better served if we spent more time on just such a task.  It's not necessary to become a mentalist - that might be depressing.  Who really wants to know every lie being told.  But knowing a few might help a bit. Especially in an election year.

Then there's the ultimate face - book.  Who woulda thunk we'd all need social media to interact with each other.  I thought that was what life is all about.  Silly me. But it does allow people from all around this 3rd rock from the sun to meet and greet and enjoy each other's company - sometimes the best faces are those you've never seen up close and personal - but would like to.

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Friday, September 21, 2012


Panic - that overwhelming feeling of anxiety caused by some deed done or undone that causes near immediate  and often total cessation of rational thought and may even kick-starts one's fight or flight mechanism.  Happens to me almost every Friday at 5AM when I sit down in front of the computer and realize that despite promising myself to do the LBC blog Thursday when there's plenty of time circumstances have once again prevented me from keeping that simple promise to myself. Yikes.  Here we go again.

Panic is clearly rooted deep within our brains. Kept early man - well - some of them - from being a meal to some long lost critter.  Fight or flight.  Can I whup that critter's ass?  Can it whup mine? Decision time.

Panic can be used to one's advantage - make the other guy panic and increase your advantage of prevailing in whatever the mutual endeavor. Assuming of course you have the ability to follow through and take advantage of the situation.

Panic is common in sports - especially in close contests. I have first-hand experience with that from my bygone jock days.  Bottom of the last inning, you've offered up your best fastball and the resulting crack of the bat sends shivers down your spine as you turn to watch the ball take a long, long journey to distant lands.  (well - these days it might be the loud ping of aluminum - not the same thing really). Actually I've been on both sides of that one - the pitcher and the batter.  Then there's the panic you feel when your errant fastball lands squarely between the eyes of a batter, he drops like a sack of bricks and is motionless.  Been there, done that too. (He's fine) 

Panic is something that needs to be managed as best you can. Control it and your life can be better.  Give in to it and expect to pay the consequences. 

Here's a short list of things that cause me to panic - care to share yours???

1) Friday mornings, 5AM
2) Email from my bank about the level of funds (or lack thereof) in my account _notice how they never email you and say gee - you have x figures in your account - good job
3) Screeching car brakes in front of the house and neither DJ (grandson) nor Ginger (dog) are immediately visible
4) NHL lockout - thereby removing one of my releases from the insanity that is my daily life
5) the first note of damn near any disco song

Truth be told I'm actually a pretty stable although somewhat excitable fellow.  Real panic is not something I've had to deal with much.  I try to be prepared for most anything by taking care of business.

I will, though, admit to some frustration that this vision quest that is my life is causing me.  I'm circling the drain as my good pal Audrey says - is it time to panic?

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday LBC Topic - Pain

Welcome to the Friday LBC topic where you can get a layered look at the weekly topic as discussed by a group that posts somewhat simultaneously.  This week the topic is Pain - brought to us by the Old Fossil, otherwise known as Conrad.

Pain can be both easy and quite difficult to describe and/or discuss.

Physical pain is to me the easiest.  In it's purest form, physical pain is a reaffirmation of life.  If you hurt you must be breathing, although I'm sure that if the pain is  intense - say a broken tooth with an exposed nerve, a throbbing hand caused by being a stuck-on-dumb catcher that sticks his fist in front of the catcher's mitt before the arrival of a fastball, or even riding your bike into a car when you were not paying attention to things right in front of you might make you question the happy to be alive notion.

Then there's the pain of loss, betrayal and the like.  That's where the description gets sticky as the pain is so personal. Losing a beloved parent - as did Fos and Lady Fos.  The kind of pain that leaves you feeling hollow and empty until you begin to celebrate the life of that loved one - at which time the pendulum may swing back to the joy side of the equation.  Or the pain of losing a loved one that does not physically depart but simply exists as a shell of their former self.

How do you describe the pain caused by confusion over the loss of a parent that may not have been so beloved but was in many ways respected as well as resented?  We are watching that unfold daily through the eyes and words of our friend Ramana.

Then there's the numbing pain of depression - the pain that leaves you feeling helpless, hopeless and lonely, no matter how many people share your residence.  It's perhaps the most dangerous pain of all because if you don't take control of it the results can mean loss for your loved ones.

Pain is clearly part of our shared human existence and it is how we respond to it that in many ways shapes us as people and  a society.  Some  people try and internalize pain and keep it to themselves.

Others immediately send out a cry for help.

Whichever side describes you, just remember that you are not alone.  Those of you with faith have that.  Those of us that do not have faith have friends and family.  Don't let pain get the better of you. Hang in there. Pain is not forever.


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Saturday, September 8, 2012

What “lesson from mom” do you still live by today?

My apologies for being a day late on this weeks LBC topic - What “lesson from mom” do you still live by today?- but other than a brief 90 minute lunch visit with an old friend it has been a lousy week. The details are irrelevant.

This isn't an easy topic for me because I was raised by my grandmother until I was 10 and we moved to California, and by then there was a new stepfather and sister. My mom worked - she was divorced and my grandmother widowed when I was 3. Incidentally I've never referred to Jack McConvey as my stepfather unless pushed on the issue as he is simply my dad.

Now as regards my mother - well - there's not really much she imparted to me that I can recall beyond the 20 or so years of lies she told me about my birth father, and that's another story altogether. I suppose she tried to make that up by caring for my son for a couple of years so perhaps he is better qualified to answer the question.  I like to cook but that's a defense mechaniasm as both my mom and wife were never great in the kitchen.

She did always work hard and was well thought of wherever she worked so I'll take that as her best advice or lesson as it's something I've always tried to do.  I like to give a bit more than an honest days work every day. I have never felt guilty about my paycheck.

I hope you've checked the other LBC members for their takes on this week's topic.