Thursday, September 26, 2013

Synchronicity and a friend named Sharon.

Damned if Ramana's not on to something. Something happened yesterday and today that in no small way did me a world of good. I had a blast from the past. Mine - luckily for me - was much more positive that Ramana's recent reconnect.

In her entire life Lynn has had no more than 3 or 4 close friends. I'm not sure why but that's just a simple fact. When Lynn's HD started to reach he stage where the dementia was profound, I surfed th Web looking for Sharon - one who was always oneof Lynn's best friends. They went to BYU together, joined the Mormon church together, roomed together - you get the picture. I am sure. I was unsuccessful - our last contact being in 1985 or so at the 40th birthday party of Sharon's then husband. Sharon was then a police officer and they are known to be somewhat reclusive for a variety of reasons. I even called the Sheriff's Department where she worked and no luck. I gave up the search a couple of years ago.

Yesterday on a whim I googled her again and found a new reference point and damned if I didn't find her. She was on facebook so we traded a couple of emails, added each other as friends and promised to catch up. This morning when I loggedin at work there was notification of a missed phone call from none other than Sharon - she missed me by 5 minutes yesterday. That led me to call her at 8:30 or so her time and I woke her up. She claimed a late night last night ws the reason and I joked about age catching up with us. Then we talked for over an hour about the days of early adulthood we shared - and for the first time in 10 years I was reminded of nothing but good times and the individual Lynn was. As Sharon recalled, one of the kindest, gentlest people she knew. I remembered simple stuff like playing catch - not something many guys could do with a girlfriend back then. The co-ed softball team we played on. Silly things young couples do. It was very cathartic and as Sharon said - good for her soul too. She's also still in touch with a couple of other friends from Lynn's past so there's more catching up to do.

I know better than to live in the past but frankly the present sucks and the future looks dim so this welcome journey dowm memory lane was the most fun I have had in years. I laughed hard, shed a tear or two and have felt great since we ended the call.

Thanks Sharon. I needed that.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Wrong fit - Happy Trails

Ironic trhat recent revelations regarding family dysfunction are forcing me to leave. Essentially I am a wrong fit - and so I say to you LBC folk

Shackman has left th ebuilding.