Friday, May 29, 2015

Internationally Famous Landmarks In My Hometown.

Whilst I live in Fort Worth, this area is commonly known as the DFW Metroplex - which is convenient for this weeks LBC topic. So with that in mind  most internationally famous spot here certainly must be the Texas School Book Depository - AKA the place from which Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly shot John Kennedy November 22, `1963. These days it goes buy the name TThe Sixth Floor Museum .

Anyone who visits this area should visit the Sixth Floor Museum. Check out a part of history. Look at the Grassy Knoll. I''ve even eaten dinner at the restaurant (same booth actually) that Jack Ruby sat in the night before he shot Oswald. Was the mob involved? You decide.

.Other internationally famous landmarks?  The only other one that springs to mind is DFW International Airport unless you consider the home of America's Team - the Dallas Cowboys important. It's a beautiful, impressive stadium.

Image result for at&T stadium

That's it for this weeks LBC topic.  See ya next week 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Right or wrong

I suspect the politically correctness that seems so prevalent today is strongly in the "there is no right way or wrong way" corner. I beg to differ.

I will concede there may indeed be no right or wrong path to a destination but there are indeed universal destinations that are not open to discussion. Some things really are black or white. Those things may well vary by cultural norms but I'd love to hear an explanation for slavery being right.  For murder being right. For rape being right. Explain to me how protecting the weaker members of a society is wrong. How can respecting others be wrong?

There are of course many more but I think my point is made.

We as individuals and societies may well subjectively choose the means to a specific end but when that end is a fair and just society then there are absolutes involved. And certainly no society has gotten that absolutely right as of yet. No matter what you may hear to the contrary by the chest thumpers.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Left and Right

This weeks topic comes from gaelika.

Any baseball fan understands the value of a switch hitter. He's the guy that takes away the advantage of the opposing pitcher by always allowing the batter to hit left-handed against a right-handed pitcher and hit right-handed against a left-handed pitcher. On rare occasions though there is an ambidextrous pitcher - one that pitches with either arm. That may lead to this.....

Now that's interesting and frankly something I used to ponder in my baseball playing days.

Now left-handers are at something of a disadvantage as we live in a decidedly right-handed world. Have you ever looked at the contortions a leftie goes through when writing? Ever see a left-handed school desk? I am surprised that in this ever more politically-correct day we do not see more left-handed desks.

Then there's the political left and right - you know them. They each thonk the other is the son of satan and so the embidiment of pure evil in the world. Nuff said - this is NOT a political discussion.

Our brains.Each side of our brain conrols certain thongs.

Are you a left-brain person or a right-brain person?

Alas it's all secondary to the most important left/right question.

Left Twix vs Right Twix Pick A Side - Twix Commercial

You decide.- I'd rather have a Snickers.

Friday, May 8, 2015

You Can't Do That

Occasionally someone - usually Ramana - requests suggestions for our weekly posts. I toss out a song title when I am in a lazy mood. That's whee this week's topic was born. I was in a Beatle mood so out popped this title/topic.

It just so happens that besides being a decent pop song from the sixties it lends itself to a myriad other rules so lets try a few. Rules that say you can't do that - whatever that may be. Universal truths/rules.

  1. Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow. I'm recently retired and have just discovered this one.
  2. Your dog is always your puppy.
  3. Anything worth doing has several "unwritten" rules that any reasonable individual should just know
  4. Anything that can go wrong will do so at the most inopportune moment (aka Murphy's Law)
  5. Always be specific when you lie (aka Gibbs' rule #7)
  6. It's better to seek forgiveness than ask permission. Anyone who has ever been a kid knows this instinctively
  7. The world was a better place when Carl Wilson and Mike Smith were alive and singing
  8. Sometimes you're wrong. Too bad many folks seem to forget this most basic, universal truth.
There're lots more. These  are just a few that popped into my head whilst writing this little ditty. Now it's time to see what the other LBC bloggers came up with.