Friday, April 20, 2012

Wet & wild......

Greetings from soggy Ft Worth. In typical Murphy's Law fashion, after bagging 19 bags of weeds, grass clippings and leaves ( there are 4 large black oaks on this property) and dutifully leaving them on the curb for pickup this AM I was greeted (at 4:30AM) by a thunderstorm when I started work.  I could  only imagine what a mess was being generated out front.  As luck would have it the giant oak in front kept the bags fairly dry and so all is well as the garbage guys were here about 8AM and all has been removed.  However the rain has since restarted leading me into this selectron for your listening pleasure from the late, very great Doug Sahm

It's almost a done deal now - Mitt Romney vs Obie in the big election this fall.  Look out Mitt - you think it was down and dirty in the prelims.  Obie has an army of crusaders thsat will cast aspersions on anything and everything you've ever done and your Mormon faith.  That will be done subtly though - as Obie lives in a glass house when it comes to religion. The uber-right evangelicals are having fits with these 2 - the "cultist" vs the musilm  faux christian well whatever the heck Obie is. The Knights Templar had nothing on these uber-Obie supporters.

Things have been relatively calm here lately - Lynn's new med combo seems to be helping. Of course over time that will stop. There is very little I can think of that is as dehumanizing as Huntington's Disease and it is every bit as destructive to hearth and home as an F5 tornado.

I am virtually rant free today.  Must be time for another tune. Here's something appropriate...

The last one is for my friend Ramana who smacked me down a bit this week with an offhanded comment about negativity. My negativity.  R - I may claim to be a curmudgeon but in all honestly I've always been an optimist - which is why this has always been my fave Sinatra song and I believe it wholly appropriate to me at this point in time.

It's aloha Friday - as we used to say in Hawaii.  Have a great weekend all.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Indeed - things could be worse....

Leave it to mother nature to very deftly point out to my rather large self that things could indeed be worse.  While my circumstances of late are certainly much less than ideal,  yesterday pointed out they could be  far worse. 

Living in tornado alley, we are used to the annual wake up call from mom.  Yesterday she shook the bed extra-harda dozen times or so and sent us scurrying for cover with 12 tornadoes. Yesterday while busily working away at my computer I heard the ubiquitous tornado sirens going off and then that obnoxious sound from the TV that means either really nasty weather or an Amber alert. Clever fellow that I am, I figured it must be weather since the tornado sirens do not sound off during an Amber alert.  A quick check of the news made it clear the danger was close but not so close I needed to sequester Lynn, myself and the pets in the bath tub.  And so it began.

Nothing quite like watching video of flying trailers (of the tractor-trailer type) or seeing the damage from a tornado on the ground.  From the air it looks like mom directed the big windy to specific houses and spared others.  Tornadoes are unique in that way.  At any rate the damage started about a dozen miles east of me in Arlington and continued on.  The concern and storms tracked eastward for hours. I just heard from my HS friend Ted Taylor - he lives in Arlington with his family near the areas hardest hit. The damage was severe 1/4 mile from his house.  Whew. 

Hopefully that's our tornadic adventure for 2012 but I doubt it.  This seems like a very bad year so e'll juststrap ourselves in and let mother nature fire away at us.  We'll consider this latest round a high and tight brushback pitch.