Wednesday, January 4, 2012

And so it begins.

The Iowa caucuses have spoken. Iowa's current 15-minutes of fame is in full force. And the decision??  That born-again, holier than thou Rick Santorum and uber-cultist Mit Romney are leading the Republican charge against Obie.  This week at least. New Hampshire is chomping at the bit to steal the spotlight away from Iowa.

So what does it all mean to us regular folk?  Not much.  Does anyone really think Iowa is a good snapshot of this nation's political leanings?  I sure don't. I do think Romney will be the eventual nominee and his most important decision will be his choice for a running mate. In my opinion, if he wins and selects Condi Rice Obie will be a one-term President (most deservedly so). Anyone else and it's 4 more years of the current nonsense.

One may think from my opening statement that I think both Santorum and Romney carry excessive religious baggage. I suspect Santorum truly believes Romney is a cultist - that's what any good card-carrying right wing BAC (born-again Christian) really thinks of Mormons.  I also suspect Romney believes Santorum is a far-right religious radical who would gladly impose his beliefs on this nation constitutionally if at all possible.  Of course what I believe and what they will admit to are quite different.  After all - it is election time and truth is further back in the bus than usual.  Hard to believe.  I know.

Both are decent men. I just prefer the decent man with a more moderate social view.  Clearly I am not a BAC.  Not sure I was ever even a C.  Disclaimer - I was baptized into Mormonism but am absolutely NOT active nor do I believe in the fundamentals of the LDS church.

So here we are - with a fellow removed from his Senate seat in his home state that somehow feels  qualified to lead the nation (rally round the flag right-wing religious tea partiers) and a businessman leading the charge against the evil democrats - those dirty, godless progressives.

From where I sit this election cycle will be more entertaining than network television could ever hope to be. I can't wait to read what the pundits have to say after New Hampshire


  1. I am delighted that you have taken the first step. Congratulations.

    Which of the jocks is you? The shy ones behind or the forerunner?

    I am not commenting on the content as I don't think I am qualified. Being a non shy Indian, the original kind mind you, not the red variety.