Friday, February 15, 2013

LBC Topic Touch

This week's topic is simply  Touch. It comes to us via Grannymar.

Touch is an amazing sense that takes many shapes and forms. Who doesn't love the touch of a baby or the tingling touch of a lover.  Touch lends itself to to the arts quite well I think - as the following examples show. 

Touch me,
it doesn't matter where
and it doesnt matter how
I need to know I'm still alive
so someone touch me now
Shake my hand and say hello
or pat me on the back
kiss me on the cheek
that I may feel this sense I lack
slap my face and pull my hair
make me bleed I just don't care
dig your nails into my skin
so I can feed this need within
I've been numb for such a time
that even pain would be sublime
so touch me, touch me now
I don't care where, I don't care how

By A. Thomas Hawkins

And finally this

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  1. Very touching words, Shackman! They brought a tear to my eye.

  2. You snookered me there my friend. Beautiful and very unusual, for you that is, kind of post.

    1. Really? What's unusual about it? The fact I did not ramble endlessly? Must be the poem - I found it quite interesting and somewhat appropriate. Nice to have you back by the way.

  3. You have answered your question yourself!

    1. I am not generally a huge fan of poetry but occasionally something resonates. This one did.