Monday, March 18, 2013

A talent for the arts.

Let me begin by stating at the outset that when it comes to the arts I am a talentless hack. And color blind to boot.

That said, I recently made a fun discovery via Facebook.  I reconnected with an old high school friend recently and discovered he has a real talent for painting landscapes. I happen to love landscape art so I am now in the process of determining which of his prints I will have hanging in my home.  I have narrowed the choice to 10 - here is a sample and one of the 10 I have selected 

Hmm - is this more of a barnscap? Regardless - I really enjoy it - colors (I see colors - just not what you see - given a 60 chart test with colored dots I saw the correct number in the colored dots twice), subject matter and composition.  Here's a real landscape example - also one of my selections.

If - like me - you enjoy this type of art, check out Daves web site The David Wolfer Gallery and see more of his work.  His site is new and presently only a small percentage of his offerings are available.  He promises to add more when he returns from a trip to California shortly. If you're on Facebook you might be able to see more samples in his photos - he's David Wolfer.

Dave's what I consider something of a renaissance man.  He designs RC boats, has sold antiques, loves motorcycles (which his wife has banned him from riding these days - just as mine did before she became ill and he sold two businesses and retired a number of years ago.  It's nice to see old friends being successful.

I'm currently trying to decide what size prints I should purchase to make the Wolfer Wall in my living room do justice to Dave's work. Who woulda thunk hanging art would be so complicated - geeze. :-) 


  1. Nice! I love art, but can't afford to buy what I like. :)

    1. D - that's why I'm purchasing prints - LOL

  2. Seems a colourful character your friend. It would be nice to meet him when I finally land up on your patch of green.

  3. Interesting work. I have an artist friend who I would swear was colour blind, he sees colour so differently than I do. His fields might be red and not green as we see them. His work sells so that is the main thing.

    Good luck with your choosing.