Friday, June 28, 2013

Puppy love. LBC topic.

Today's LBC topic comes by way of Pune, India and Ramana.

Puppy love.  Infatuation.  A crush. Hey - I know that one - it's what I remember feeling the first time I saw Julie Bowen on the TV show Ed - and later in the series when she totally rocked a suit of armor. Nobody has done it better - not before nor since. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Then there's love for a puppy -  aka our dog Ginger at the shelter before we brought her home.


Then there's this..(oh come on - you knew this was coming)
or this
 Fortunes and reputations have been made on the notion of young love/puppy love.  Collectively they have  been a huge moneymaker regardless of the era or generation label you apply. And in this day of openness and coming out ya gotta wonder to whom folks like Tab Hunter and Leslie Gore were really singing.  Speaking of crushes, I wasted one on Ms. Gore - LOL. But ya gotta love those eyes and the lady can sing her a$$ off.
And of course young love begat teen angst  which begat teen angst parody
Kidding aside, puppy love is as real to the participants as so-called real love.  Puppy love is just more fleeting and who is to say that's not a good thing? Don't we all wish our broken hearted moments were as fleeting?
Check out my LBC cohorts commentaries on puppy love - this oughta be interesting.


  1. It pains me, Shackman: You know where our twain currently doesn't meet? After my PC was 'repaired' (about 18 months ago) and my laptop gave up the will to lap I live without sound. Which, considering your offerings, is one hell of a shame. Still, it'll be only a matter of time till I am up to speed again.

    I like your line of "don't we all wish our broken hearted moments were as fleeting". Indeed. I am lucky in that I don't think my heart has ever been broken. Romantically that is. Otherwise? Yes. My sister broke my heart a few years ago. And a friend broke my heart with a cruelty I didn't know possible.. Not because he was gay. I knew that from the outset. But because he broke an unspoken law of friendship. To get over it took me as long as our relationship lasted. Years. Crazy, isn't it? Please do say: Yes. By way of comfort.

    So broken hearts do no only belong in the realm of romance. And I dare the person who will not admit to a crush on their gym teacher.


  2. Yes. And I agree 100% about broken hearts not only belonging in romance but no way in hell did I have a crush on any of my gym teachers. Mssaybe a few of the girls gym teachers but alas - most I knew were gay. In fact Lynn (wife) used to get a kick out of raining on my parade when we attended women's softball games to support a team on which she had many friends as 90% were gay - including 100% of those I pointed out as attractive.

  3. Yes, I knew that it was coming and predicted to myself about Paul Anka and the rest were sheer bonus listening. Thank you.

    In my humble opinion, a broken heart is an over rated emotion. Almost all who experience that emotion, move on. I did, not only from a romantic love but also from the other kinds that Ursula so lucidly writes about. That is why we are human.

  4. Ginger has a lovely face. Paul Anka's was the only song that came to me in my hurry this morning.

  5. I have to admit, even though puppy love doesn't necessarily last, it sure does feel good in the moment! :)
    I love your dog's coloring with the half white, half black face :)

  6. The best is the love of little doggie like your Ginger. They love you always and never cause you pain.
    blessings ~ maxi

  7. The Laundromat song was the one that touched my heart! I've been there (more pink stuff than brown), but the pain has been needing this expression for years. Now, the Lady F, like she has a perfect instinct regarding my past, won't let me near the washer.

    Still, I have this longing.