Friday, August 8, 2014

As you like it

Fans of William Shakespeare will recognize this week's topic as the title of one iof the bard's plays. Let me state unequivocally that I am NOT a fan of the man nor of his work. What can I say.  It must be the lineman in me. I suppose my distaste for Will dates back to the time I was forced to sit through one of his plays at the Old Globe Theater in San Diego.  I was 11 or 12 at the time and on a week long holiday visiting my namesake Uncle Chuck and his family.  Good old Anut Sue decided to add a bit of culture to my life beyond science fiction literature which I devoured at the rate of a book a week back then. Alas - much to her chagrin, she failed.  Chuck thought it was funny - I suspect he disliked the play as much as I did but knew enough to remain silent about it.

The phrase, though, implies there are many ways to enjoy or appreciate whatever the topic at hand.  For example I prefer my beef bloody rare. I find beef cooked anything beyond medium rare virtually tasteless.  Again - must be the lineman in me.   For my non-American readers here's a representative image of linemen:  Fans of American football might recognize 3 of the Fearsome Foursome - one of the most legendary defensive fronts ever.

Now don't assume I dislike plays - in fact I really enjoy them.  When I was in gradeschool in Pueblo Colorado I used to look forward with delight the daysd the local JC drama department put on plays for kids and upon leaving Carlisle School after a day of learning several of my friends and I would hustle down to the JC and watch that afternoon's offering.  My first exposure to Grimm's Fairy Tales came from those plays. And I am a huge fan of musicals - my favorite being Camelot.  I have seen Camelot on stage with both Richard Burton and my personal fave - Richard Harris - as Arthur.

  I saw Mr Roberts at a theater in the round and the actors were upstaged by a goat that relieved itself at center stage - causing even the actors to laugh.

So there you have it.  Different strokes for different folks is the order of the day.  Better see what Ramana and Ashok have to say on the matter -  hopefully they didn't struggle with the topic as I did.


  1. I too love the Richard Harris rendition of How to handle a woman>

  2. To each his own! I acted on stage in school and since then have had a soft spot for the stage of all sorts. I just don't go to them anymore because the theaters by and large do not have seats which can accommodate my peculiar problem with two replaced hips. I therefore go to the movies where since the advent of the multiplexes, the seats have become like my recliner at home. And I am totally indifferent to food. As long as it is edible, I will enjoy it!