Friday, December 19, 2014

Comfort Zone

Maxi and Ramana joined forces to give us this week's topic - Comfort Zone. You know that place - it's where you feel like you are in control and can accomplish the task at hand  quickly and efficiently with a minimum of stress. We all have one - in fact we all undoubtedly have many.

Take my job for example. When I have to write copy for computers, tablets or network products the words flow freely.  With digital cameras not so much. That's because I have been involved in the home computer industry since its inception and have written about those products regularly for the last 10 years.  Digital cameras on the other hand are the bailiwick of my buddy Robert and he is as comfortable writing about those cameras as I am about computer stuff.  If he has to write about computer stuff he struggles a bit.

Musically it will come as no surprise that my comfort zone is pop music, especially that of the sixties and seventies - though I have a degree of proficiency  in most decades. But I occasionally step out of my zone to listen to classical music - the complexity is fascinating and oh yeah - much of it sounds pretty darn good.  In fact my fave piece of music is a Baroque ditty - give it a listen. It's widely played this time of the year in many places.

Comfort zones and anxiety go hand-in-hand. It's good to expand your zones - step out of the box a bit. That lets us grow as people. Managing your anxiety is a critical element in life and - and it can in many cases be learned.  Try doing things differently.  Change some habits. Expand your zone. Enhance your life.

That's my quick shack-take on today's exercise.  Check out what the other LBC folk have to say - and I'll see ya next week, same bat time, same bat channel


  1. Absolutely beautiful, Chuck. And classy. My choice would have been "Grandma got run over by a reindeer."

    1. Lin this is my all-time fave piece of music period. Somehow I doubt you feel that way about Grandma and the reindeer - LOL

  2. I am happy in my skin, so it does not really matter where I am. I am comfortable in a crowd or on my own. As Elly once said to me: "Home is where you are, mum. It does not matter which patch of soil you are on!"

  3. Stepping out of the nox now and then makes you appreciate your comfort zone all the more. And that is the discomfort that you must lean to like so that you can appreciate the comfort your own zone offers.

  4. Sure..stepping out of CZ's is great...but the lazy body and mind tends to settle into that armchair and cushion backing...lovely post!!