Friday, January 2, 2015

What Nondescript Item Had The Most Impact On Your Life (How/Why ?)

Back onto the field for the 2nd half
What nondescript item had the most impact on your life? My response is seasonal so there are really two items - the American football and a baseball. Those of you who really know me know I was a jock in HS and college. In fact through college my identity was closely linked to sports -  most notably baseball, football and wrestling.  After college when I joined the real world I played softball and racquetball until my late forties.

A svelte 275lb heavyweight
The original Wild Thing!
Those activities offered a very shy guy a vehicle to interact with others in ways that never would have been possible otherwise as well as provide lessons in winning, losing and teamwork - all important things in life.  Oh - and a pair of gimpy knees and a bad shoulder too but nothing comes easy. I actually enjoyed high school - something of a rarity it seems based upon many conversations over the years - not because I was a "big man on campus - at my size that's a given :-) ) but simply because I enjoyed the games.  Interestingly enough, Facebook has allowed me to touch base and reconnect with many HS classmates and the first thing they all remember about me is that I was an athlete.   And a smart ass, but you all have figured that one already. And wouldn't you know that in 1985 a guy named Fogarty  wrote a song that really says it all - Put me in coach!

It wasn't until the Internet came along that it became relatively easy for me to interact with strangers and in fact to develop several meaningful friendships along the way,  So the Internet was also in the running for this post but somehow I think it is a bit of a stretch to call the Internet nondescript. But it has had quite an impact on my life.

hat's a quick take on today's topic, submitted by yours truly.  Oh - and Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Enjoyed your short story, Chuck. Would never have thought of shy when I look at that image of bright, shiny eyes and brilliant smile.

    Hope your glass is filled with sunshine in 2015.
    blessings ~ maxi

  2. I remember that picture of you as a wrestler, Chuck. And I can definitely understand your love of sports. Believe it or not, I was a gymnast for a while, until I grew and discovered that well over average height with long legs isn't really optimal, and switched to judo. And a great joy it was tossing 6'4 guys over my shoulder. Right now conducting and whiffle ball is about all I can handle. Great article.

  3. The punchline is priceless. The internet as the most nondescript thing?
    You slay me Jock.