Sunday, August 16, 2015

Be careful what you wish for!

The cycle continues. The election cycle that is. The land of the free, home of the brave is once again in the throes of a presidential election. Our first "black" president - the decidedly left-wing mulatto Barrack Obama is in his 7th year of an 8-year term. The big seat is up for grabs. The GOP race for the roses is just getting interesting as there are more than a dozen wannabes reaching for the prize - including a 4-times bankrupt Donald Trump to the current tea party fave Ted Cruz - the senator from the state wherein I live, the republic of Texas.

We hear the usual rhetoric daily about the so-called corrupt Washington establishment (that includes both parties) and how we need to change the culture  The right wants less government - much less. The left cries we need better government - not less. The language is decidedly negative, with civility making a stampede for the exits as both sides. depending upon which statistics you choose to quote (and remember - statistics are the big lie), we are living in the best of times or the worst of times. That's quite a spread - can the truth really be stretched so far??  Do the numbers really lie? Of course they do. There's a statistical spin to cover every statement. The moral of that story? NEVER accept a single source for your information - especially if that source is Fox News or MSNBC.

This year the surprising front runner in the  GOP is The Donald.  You can hear/read his "pontifications" daily - you'll see or hear nothing of substance yet. Just ranting and raving while he pats himself on the back. I hope he doesn't hurt himself with all that patting or flapping of his so-called right wing.

The Democrats? Well interestingly enough the first real challenge to Queen Bee Hillary is Vermont senator Bernie Sanders. Bernie is a democratic socialist  and the right is apoplectic because of the term socialist. Bernie is a straight talker that actually offers some solutions to issues. It remains to be seen how long his campaign will have traction. The democrats appear to be in complete disarray as more and more negative information about the Queen Bee comes out.

To the folks here in the good old USA, I say be careful what you wish for. You might just get it.


  1. To paraphrase Pat Paulson, "where the +++is the middle of the bird?"
    Great analysis, S-man. Love to hear your take on the team of Sarah Palin and Jessie Ventura as VP. ???

    1. No Lin - I doubt you would - to many **** in the comments to make it readable. One is a buffoon and the other a failed governor. You get to decide which is which,

  2. I have no business commenting, but simply want to say that a whole lot of us are following the shenanigans.