Friday, October 7, 2016

Pets LBC 10/07/2016

Ramana  suggested this weeks topic as a replacement for one of the topics  previously suggested by a blogger no longer associated with the LBC. Pets are the order of the day this week.

I cannot remember a time when I have not had a pet, starting with my red cocker spaniel Pudgie when I was a youngster in Colorado. I  also had a cat - a beautiful Maine Coon I called Susie.  Susie was bigger than a bobcat and was king (yes - king) of the neighborhood. Indeed - he was the original boy named Sue. This is not Susie but is representative of his size and color. Imagine seeing something like this strolling through your yard at 35+ pounds with some serious swagger.

Lynn loved pets as much as I did. She  came with a Pekinese as a package deal and there were NO cats that were anything but putty in her loving hands.

Fast forward to today and I have three shelter adopted critters along with the three grandchildren to keep me on my toes.Ginger is a basset hound/collie mix and Stretch and Willie are tuxedo cats I adopted last Christmas here in North Carolina.

Stretch and Willie are named after my two favorite baseball players - Willie McCovey (44) and Willie Mays (24) of the San Francisco Giants of the early sixties. They love to  play all night -  including a game I call cat hockey wherein they manage to get the drain plug out of my bath tub and proceed to push it all through the joint. When they tire, they hop up on my bed and catch a few winks.

Lynn named Ginger when I brought her (Ginger) home from the shelter. Ginger loves to go with me in the car and in fact knows when I put on long pants she is getting sprung. (My regular attire is shorts and a long sleeved tee shirt)

My pets are family  and my best friends - loyalty unmatched and always up  for a snuggle or a back/belly scratch.

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  1. If I had a larger garden, I would also keep another or may be even two dogs. I have had a cat for a pet for two years many years ago, but never did get around to keeping another one. Manjiree has one at her maternal home along with three dogs!

  2. my zeke wore a tuxedo too. he was a dog though.
    and ginger... what is not to love! part bassett...
    could do with more pictures any time.
    i'm glad she gets to ride with you in the car. they do love that.