Thursday, November 3, 2016

My Favorite Music LBC 11/04/2016

Ramana lobbed me a watermelon with this weeks topic. Relax and have a listen. I don't expect anyone to listen to them all but these are  a good example of my somewhat eclectic musical tastes. Genres under represented but still loved include classical, classic Memphis blues and the greatest beer drinking music ever - Zydeco. The last 3 always make my all time top10 and there is also a song in this list inspired by the Kama Sutra - happily snuck by the censors in the sixties. 

I love show tunes - I also love Ed Ames' voice so here is a song that fits both

 I spent 6 months in Hawaii and developed a taste for Hawaiian music  and here is my fave Hawaiian tune.

Being a baby boomer it is only natural I love the British invasion - this tune is from my favorite group back then and it is the uncredited work of my pal Ron Ryan


These guys still tour every year

I am also an old folkie and this song reminds me of home in California and of my late wife

Some tunes - regardless of genre - are simply so good you never forget them, like the next 2

My favorite female   singer?  Back in the sixties the voice of Bev Bivens did it for me - here is a great sample (also a show tune)

If I were to pick a sound I prefer above others it would be the jingle jangle sound of a Rickenbacker 12 string guitar, usually played by Roger McGuinn

Most of the previous songs periodically make my all time fave to 10 but the next 3 always make the list

That's my take on this weeks topic. There are more current artists i enjoy - Hootie and the Blowfish, The Gin Blossoms, 2 Celloes and  others but I really enjoy the older stuff. Greatest songwriter? Lennon.McCartney, Brian Wilson, Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Carol King. Best  songs not on this list? If You Could Read My Mind by Gordon Lightfoot, God Only Knows - Beach Boys.  Artists that never got famous but should have? Ron Ryan, Gary Owen and  John Hesterman  (check them all out on Facebook).


  1. I won a bet with myself that this will be your approach to the topic! That your choice is eclectic is known to everyone who knows you. I too have claimed to have eclectic taste. Yours is so wide ranging that it is mind blowing.

  2. oh lordy. i had forgotten about brubeck. YES.
    and i also liked the group brazil 66.
    and the hawaiian song you've chosen here is lovely.
    for the record... i did listen to them all! at least most all the way through. some not.
    i always kinda thought ed ames was just showing off when he held that note SOOOOOO long. that's one i didn't go the whole distance on... but i think it was the one where he did!

    1. Tammy the song with that long note was My Cup Runneth Over- as to showing off, I saw him live and he sang The Impossible Dream acapella. People in the lobby stood intjhe doorway to listen- it was spectacular. Glad you liked the songs.