Thursday, December 29, 2016

Farewell 2016 and Catch Up

Due to a stint  in the hospital and being  sick I missed a couple of LBC posts so I will catch up here.

The  person I admire most is Neil deGrasse Tyson - who says "The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it."The enthusiasm he brings to his discussions is infectious and you can see the sparkle in his eyes as   he speaks.   As  a black man he faced many hurdles on his way to becoming an astrophysicist.  He is easily one of the most interesting people on the planet.

Am I enjoying what I am doing ?  Not really. I should not have moved to North Carolina. I belong on the other coast to be frank. That aside, I have been frustrated by many issues here. Plus, I miss working. Maybe this is just a bad time - a blip in my timeline. Time will tell.

Lastly - this week's  topic - Farewell 2016. It has been a challenging year health wise and  otherwise. I now live with 5 other people - so much for a quiet retirement. But as things turned out health wise it is lucky for me I had those people around - and still do. So happy trails 2016 - I won't miss you. 2017 promises to be most interesting with Donald Trump as President.  Hopefully my health will continue to improve and the future will be brighter.


  1. I was recently on a short trip to Georgia. so I missed about 5 or 6 posts by everybody.
    when catching up with rummy it dawned on me... NO SHACKMAN comments! until Debbie's RIP one.
    and the last thing I remembered writing to you was to get well soon.
    oh Shack. it doesn't sound good. I want you to be well!
    for the last three years I have spent some days of each in the hospital. I hate it.
    though it does tend to save one's life I guess.
    but please. be careful. take care of yourself.
    I too wish I lived somewhere else. but I don't want to live there without the marine... (my brother) and he won't move. the climate here tries to kill me every summer. the extreme heat and humidity doesn't blend with heart problems.
    it's hard not to get depressed about it but I'm more fearful of low grade depression. that really leads to illness! so I'm working on my attitude. trying anyway!
    and now... I'm writing a dang book here again.
    when all I wanted to say was... I'm glad you're feeling a little better. keep getting better. you were missed! xo
    2017 has GOT to be better than this horrible 2016!!!
    I think this one has had a hex or something on it.

  2. I am delighted to see you back blogging. Tyson is indeed a very good choice. I understand your frustrations about the current state of affairs (pun intended!) and I wish you a much better 2017.

  3. Hope you are doing well now uncleji.

    Wish you and your family and friends a very happy new year.

    I get confused at times on enjoying / happiness. Sometimes I feel one must not look for happiness but remain happy in doing whatever one is doing. The other times I feel one must do what (s)he feels (s)he would enjoy!

    Good to see you back blogging.