Thursday, January 19, 2017

What would you do in the lomg term LBC 01.20/2017

This week Pravin asks us "What would you do in the long term?"  

That's an interesting question for someone in the "circling the drain" age  bracket. For clarification I'd say anyone above say 65 is in that category.  Hopefully your tub was very  full and your circling becomes an interesting, long journey. 

So what would I do? Well- it depends upon the circumstances. I certainly will not be taking out any 30 year mortgages or purchasing a new car,  although if I should win 10-15,000 dollars in the lottery there could well be a motorcycle in my future. An 1100 CC Suzuki. And then a long road trip.

Yeah - I know. That is simply wishful thinking. In reality to avoid the drain I need to take better care of myself.  DO stuff like watch my diet, take my meds - line big pharma's pockets with the outrageous prices they charge. Without those meds my drain looms  large, deep and very close.  I tell ya - at times this getting old stuff really sucks but the journey to this point  has been interesting and somewhat enjoyable.  

I certainly will be watching how the country fares under the new president. He has chosen a few good cabinet members and some real turkeys.  It is the last stand of the baby boomers - we are aging rapidly. It is time for the next generation to assert itself in the political arena and that will also be fun to watch.

Upon reflection it appears in the long term I will be doing a lot of observing.  That seems reasonable for a retiree - I will also be increasing my blogging output while also keeping up with the weekly LBC posts.

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  1. Great musical selection and artist! Your two cents worth -- or maybe it's worth more than that -- could matter through what's to come -- whether here on your blog or to the powers that be. Circling the drain perspective might be a bit premature if you'd be up for a motorcycle trip should magical funds appear, but, obviously, I don't know your health situatiion.

  2. Yes. You have fought all your battles and it is now time to watch from the sidelines. And the prospect of that long motorcycle trip should keep you from falling asleep while doing that.

  3. A wonderful point - being an observer. It sounds so poetic and classical Indian spirituality. That is one of the path in Indian philosophy, Ramana uncleji can put more light on that.