Friday, February 10, 2017

Impatience LBC Post 2/10/2017

Today's topic comes to us from Pravin. The first example of impatience that springs to mind is the impatience of a child waiting for Christmas. Each day - as the big day draws nearer - kids are consumed with eagerness and anticipation. It can be a joy to watch as the child's parents become impatient awaiting the child's reaction to Christmas day. Who hasn't experienced impatience while stuck in heavy traffic, while waiting in a long line or waiting for the big game or concert to begin?

Yes - time management - or lack thereof - can cause impatience. Impatience can cause us to make rash decisions with serious consequences. But being overly patient can be a huge waste of time so it seems we need to learn to manage impatience. Busines training - especially management training - usually includes specific sections on time management to assist in this endeavor. I think there should also be training guides for relationships - and  being patient while the relationship develops.

I confess to always being impatient when it came to relationships - being shy, I pretty much always expected them go fail but I also wanted them to progress rapidly. Hmmm - hurry up and end the pain? LOL

Back in my college days, I switched majors from Physical Education to Political Science I had a falling out with the head football coach that was severe enough that he guaranteed I'd never get a coaching job and he had the juice to make that threat stick. I had taken a few political science  classes - and though my history major pal Tony swore Political Science was an oxymoron -they let me transfer a lot of PE classes to the Political Science undergrad requirements. There was one particular professor - a Dr.Hudson -who was not enamored of jocks in his classes, had run afoul of the same coach as had I because he refused to cut football players any slack. As the quarter drew to an end,  Dr Hudson and I had jousted verbally the entire 10 weeks, and as he passed out the final exam he boldly and loudly stated he guaranteed I would not do well on said final. I freely admit I was something of a smart ass and I laughed in his face. After the exam, I knew I had aced it. I busted my butt preparing and it paid off. It was impossible to measure the impatience I felt waiting for those finals to be graded and the quarter grades to be posted. Two days later I appeared at Dr Hudson's office door to be met with his snarling face and he threw my blue book at me. I had aced the test and the class. I earned an A on both. I simply stuck out my hand to shake his, wished him well and walked off. I am sure celebratory beers were quaffed that afternoon.

That is my quick shack-take on this week' LBC topic.Please be sure to see what my cohorts had to say on their blogs.  Ramana  Pravin  Maria


  1. I agree that at times, impatience pays off when patience will delay the inevitable.

    It would have been an interesting sight to see you and your Professor facing off!

  2. The same comment published above would not publish twice before when I used Rummuser as the name!

  3. I have the same trouble with UesulA'S BLOG - i Hhave no idea what is hppening but will look into it. That may be why TammyJ has not been commenting lately

  4. You are a survivor, Chuck, that's all I can say. My LBC post on patience is finally up. That family wedding tripped me up a bit, but I'm back in the game now.

  5. There is a time for patience and a time for none -- discerning which time it is can sometimes be challenging. Life can be more pleasant if we practice patience sometimes, even if we might prefer not doing so.

    Sounds like you may have created a few problems for yourself in your youth for whatever the reasons. Probably we all have had to work thru needless problems of our own we learn through the years.

  6. "Time Won't Let" Me" - While stationed in Okinawa in the mid-60's I was a member of a small rock band playing organ. I loved this little old song and it was one of our most popular and requested songs. Out little group produced some great harmonies with the bridge... :)