Thursday, April 13, 2017

Do Dreams Create Reality?

Our topic this week was suggested by Pravin.

Dreams. Reality. Chicken. Egg. Freud. Wow - that is a bunch of one-word sentences. Hopefully the method to my madness will become clear as you read on.

For a dream to create a reality the reality must follow the dream and the dream should, by necessity, be lucid dreaming IMHO. That is, the dreamer should be self aware of the dream. Dreams are known to have the ability  make a creative thought occur or cause an inspiration - either of which could aid in the creation of a dream-based reality.

It is my opinion that a dream cannot create a reality but it can inspire a thought or action that does create a reality. I have known people that occasionally awaken in the night and jot down a dream - or the idea that came in that dream so that it could be followed up on the next day. 

I suppose a very esoteric, spiritual discussion on dreams and their meanings could be had. Maybe if I had a history of dreams that were not easily explained I would be inclined to engage in such a discussion, but I simply haven't had them. My dreams are fairly easily explained, most recently being mainly about Lynn. In  my dreams she disappears and I spend the dream searching for her. Frankly it does not take a rocket scientist to analyze those dreams. And they certainly will not create a reality - Lynn has been gone for over three years and I know exactly where she is. And, I simply do not have the faith required to be sure of seeing her again "on the  other side". I would really love to believe that, but I cannot. The irony that one of Lynn's all-time favorite movies was Ghost is not lost on me.

Dream interpretation has gone from the belief they were supernatural communication (Egypt, Greece) to today's psychological/neurobiological schools of thought. Freud still carries much influence in dream interpretation as does Carl Jung. Science? Pseudo science? We know what their supporters think.
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To circle back to the topic, again   do not believe dreams create realities. The closest dreams can come is by being the inspiration that gets the ball rolling on something. To me that is a far cry from the causal dynamic the topic asks about.

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  1. Dreams can create the reality of a dream drempt, if one remembers that one drempt that dream.

  2. Psychologists/neuroscientists and sleep researchers are all unanimous in their conclusion that the creative are strongly influenced by their dreams. In my post, that is more or less what Aldiss suggests in the long quote from him.