Thursday, June 7, 2018

There is nothing new, except what has been forgotten -2-on-1 06/08/2018

Ramana suggested this week's topic, "There is nothing new, except what has been forgotten" - Marie Antoinette. It is a sister quote, if you will, to "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" by George Santayana in 1863. Then there is the more common "there is nothing new under the sun". So, everything that is is as it has always been.

How many times have you eaten a bowl of ice cream too fast and ended up with that classic brain-freeze headache? How about a hangover the next morning after a few too many Margaritas (or the adult beverage you prefer).

There are, of course, several more serious examples that validate our weekly topic. If we are to ever progress as a culture, we must study the past so we do not repeat its mistakes. That notion and a widely held belief by many here that our political system and government are allegedly corrupt and broken led to the election of POTUS 45, our current embarrassment who has caused an employment boom in fact-checking as he lies so much. Alas, Mr. Drain the Swamp has simply deepened the swamp and restocked it with a fresh batch of so-called born again sycophants and crooks like Rick Perry (former) and Scott Pruitt (latter).  Sometimes, perhaps, what we view as bad is not really bad, or we make an even bigger mistake in our attempt to fix the perceived problem.  

Is life really simple? Do we really overcomplicate things? Would we really be better off living simpler lives? My friend Tammy would certainly agree - she is something of a minimalist. In my case, I am well aware of the beauty of the simpler things in life but circumstances in which I exist require much more than the basics, though many people do forget that sometimes simpler is better. In this country, the prevailing attitude is to make each day better than the one before. Companies can never be satisfied with their level of profitability - it must always be increased. We live in a world wherein satisfaction can only come from growth and getting bigger and better - or so says the daily marketing and advertising we are bombarded with.  We sure do keep big Pharma busy providing us with stress meds and of course there is the drug problem.

Perhaps we have forgotten.

That's my quick shack-take on this week's topic. Be sure to stop by Ramana's blog to see what he has to say. 


  1. Nothing being new, and remembering history are such pertinent thoughts in these times -- but probably in any other time, too. I sometimes view Decades TV select programming. Listening to interviewees discuss the trying times, discuss the culture reveals many parallels with our times now -- similar but different. As for the D.C. swamp, I would contend that it has been turned into a cesspool.

    1. A bottomless cesspool. I have never heard of Decades TV

  2. We are human Shackman and that gives us the right to forget!

    You are absolutely right in that being simple is not all that easy. Here is a story that should tickle your funny bones and one that I never get tired of sharing whenever the occasion arises. Good thing that our mutual friend Tammy is not Gandhi.

  3. LOL! well. Ghandi and I were/are both short. but alas.
    mine is a short temper. he had the patience of well... Ghandi! (but is the story missing in Rummy's comment?)
    I still say that simplification in life is something to strive for. kids or not. but of course since I don't have any kids...
    it's always those who can't DO who teach! ever notice?
    at least I have a sense of humor about my short failings!
    or is it short comings? and what the heck does that mean?
    the ability to laugh about it has always seemed to help any situation. as to the draining of the stupid swamp... i'm with Lucy. AAAGGGHHH!!! or was it Charlie Brown? anyway.
    not to happen. at least not in my lifetime. too much swamp.
    too little time. SH (a huge snoopy hug this time) to both you gurus. my unprepossessing heroes.
    now I shall go look up the word unprepossessing! xo

    1. Simplification is my new dream since Nevada City is dead