Friday, June 22, 2012

My first memory - well OK - memories

This week's LBC topic is your first memory.  I'm looking forward to seeing what the other members of the LBC have to say - I hope they had as much fun reminiscing as I did - please check them out and see what they had to say about the Old Fossil's chosen topic
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My first memory is a jumble of things.  I remember the first day of kindergarten, Miss Knobbs   the teacher and several of the other kids. I remember my grandmother's pal Peggy Mitchell visiting us in her Desoto and the case of Coke she kept in her back seat. She always had a Coke in her hand.  I remember going to Trinidad and Walsenburg to visit Aunt Edith and Uncle Milo and their son Marko.  Marko had kids a bit older than me - all girls - and my cousins.

Aunt Edith and Uncle Milo owned the café at the bus station in Trinidad and she was a great cook.  Whenever she visited us in Pueblo she made fresh ravioli - even at the tender age of 4 or 5 I recognized true heaven on a plate.  Plus there were sheets of freshly made pasta hanging all over while she made the meal.  Uncle Milo was a curmudgeonly old guy - their last name was Kalabich and they were immigrants from an eastern European country - but I'm not sure which one.

There was also a great aunt from Dallas I remember visiting us.  Aunt Emma Lou (very southern ya know).  Her visits stand out because she insisted on having a treat nightly before retiring - vanilla ice cream with cereal on it and I was always invited to join her. The first Christmas I recall was the one my grandmother made me a Hopalong Cassidy outfit.  Grandma was an excellent seamstress - as you can see.

All of these things I recall from ages 4-5 - it's all a bit of a jumble but a very fond jumble.  It was fun revisiting the memories. Speaking of memories, here's an appropriate tune for the subject


  1. Your first memories are wonderful, Shackman. Would love for your aunt to come to my home here in Florida, USA … cook some home-made ravioli. Yum.

    Blessings from a new member of LBC - Maxi

  2. You see! I knew Pueblo was all cowboys. Now you've provided the photographic evidence to prove it.
    Your food memories sound heavenly.
    Re the case of coke & Peggy Mitchell - I would have been jealous back then/when. But now it reminds me of a very interesting TV investigation I saw yesterday called The Men Who Made Us Fat - about the Nixon era and the mass injection of corn syrup/fructose into the American diet -

  3. Gotta wonder what financial interests Butz had but none of that is surprising. At least now I can blame my girth on Butz and Nixon. Clkearly not MY fault I eat too much - :-)

  4. Fantastic post Shackman. I can relate to so many similar memories of relatives and food from my childhood and like your Hopalong Cassidy, I had Robin Hood and some Indian (The original) heroes to emulate in dress too.

    But the icing on the cake in the post is that very little known song from Elvis which too was my favourite and that too brought back some highly touching memories of love lost.

    Thank you friend for that nostalgia trip.

  5. Hoppalong Cassidy! You are bringing back memories for me. This is a delightful collection of recollections ... and I need to send you a picture of my Hoppy knife, still in pristine condition in the top drawer of my dresser.

  6. It's fun to step into trhe wayback machine fossil -