Friday, October 12, 2012


Reality bites.  Hollywood made a movie that says so (1994 directed by Ben Stiller) and Hollywood doesn't lie. I'll pause a bit here to allow y'all to clean your screens or pick your self up off of the floor. I truly hope nobody injured themself laughing.

My point is really quite simple.  There are beginnings -

And there are endings.  As painful or embarassing as they can be, we need to accept the endings. And move on.  Respect the past for what it was, try not to repeat the mistakes - but keep moving. 

I realize this may seem somewhat simplistic but frankly so is the notion of acceptance.  Do everything in your power to get your desired result in any circumstance but when the time comes - accept reality.  Go down kicking and screaming if you must but accept reality. And of course it's a blinding flash of the obvious that occasionally some herculean efforts generate results that defy the odds.  Maybe you'll get lucky. 

On a personal level, we all have traits that identify and describe us. Me?  I'm a multi-X in front of the L certified smart ass. I've accepted the fact that skinny and handsome are never gonna be traits ascribed to my overly verbose self. Saves me an enormous amount of mirror time. But like the Beatles said, I'm a clean old man. A mouthy but clean old man.

At the end of the day - with any luck at all, we can all be in this place more often than not - and that is my wish for us all...

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  1. I agree, we should always strive for high goals, but accept reality. Reality doesn't have to discourage us, but we have to face the truth.

  2. Shackman, We accept you the way you are. One of my aunts had a saying: "We love (insert name) warts and all!"

    1. Warts??? nah - the heartbreak of psoriasis (but you may not have ever heard that commercial - LOL)

    2. GM - you've reminded me of an aunt who used to add the word "considering" to what otherwise seem like a compliment. So it could go like this:
      "She looks very well turned out... considering."