Friday, October 19, 2012


I'd tell you who suggested this weeks topic but I can't.  It's a secret.

We all have secrets of our own, secrets shared with us by others and I'd wager a bet we all expose some secrets.

Families keep secrets.  Some hide their true dysfunction from the world as they put on the face of the happy, perfect family.  My family tends to wear its dysfunction like some  odd badge of honor.  Look at us - we are dysfunctional.  But we are still a family. You can't take that away from us.

So what's a secret? It can be any old thing.  A closeted relative in a homophobic society. A genetic anomally in another.  Knowledge of a deed not meant to be publicized - for whatever reason.

The question becomes are secrets valuable? Are they a good thing?

Like most things the answer lies somewhere in the middle.  For example, I kept Lynn's HD a secret for years. Not really sure why - it just wasn't discussed. Now that cat's out of the bag.  And of course governments have secrets.  Things about which we common folk are best left ignorant.  Or so the powers that be decree.  Who really wants to know how many attacks were blunted, how many nuclear missles the bad guys have - I mean wouldn't you be more terrified knowing they could kill us 100 times, not just 50??? Or the secrets about the lies they've told?  (for our own good of course - ahem)

Secrets mask lies, hurtful truths, embarassing moments - just about anything is secret material under the correct circumstances. 

Big secrets in my life? Well - how about information about the guy that is responsible for half of my genetic makeup.  His name was Paul Wesley Brooke.  Apparently the guy was so bad his family is trying to remove his existance/memory by ignoring him away.  They refuse to speak to me - I am after all his seed so I guess I am evil as well. Maybe they're right. Time will tell - and as the drain is being circled it will be told sooner rather than later. 

Secret loves?  Anyone have one? Songs about secrets?  There're a gazillion of those - here's one of my faves.  Know what its secret is??? It has one.

What secrets are y'all holding tight?  Come on - I won't tell anyone. No even Anu, Delirious, gaelikaa, Grannymar, Maxi, Maria SF, ocdwriter, Padmum, PaulRamana The Old Fossil and Will.   


  1. Secrets can be a dangerous thing to know, or hold on to. What if I were to tell you that I committed murder? Would you believe me? Well now it is no longer a secret and you can read all about it here.

  2. I have secrets, things that would embarrass the hell out of me. But, and this sometimes can be key, they would really be very boring to someone else; mundane; dull; no fodder for a steamy novel or a riveting mystery.

    Sounds like your genetic donor is that "elephant in the room" trying to be ignored just like Maria Silverfox is talking about today. It never works.

  3. That is a shocking Pete Best video - what an ordeal for him. Fascinating to watch. Good find.
    Next week on the show - Stuart Sutcliffe.

  4. Yes, the government has many secrets, I'm sure. Maybe not knowing them actually helps us sleep at night! :)

  5. Pretty comprehensive take on 'secrets', Shackman.

    I do agree with The Old Fossil that to reveal some secrets would serve no purpose. I also believe that some secrets are best kept under lock and key. Not only as not to betray a confidence but to spare someone's feelings.

    The 'white elephant' in the room of your own life, Shackman, I wouldn't call so much a 'secret' as dirt swept underneath the carpet. An open secret. And an open secret is, by definition, not a 'secret'. It's just silence because no one knows what to say.

    My heart goes out to you but, unfortunately, families and relations within them are, sometimes, complicated. By way of comfort: Skeletons will be found if you open a cupboard. And that's ok. Sometimes we are able to dust the skeleton down, sometimes we better close the cupboard and lose the key to it. No, actually, forget that last bit. Don't lose the key, put it somewhere safe. But not so safe that you yourself won't remember where it is.


  6. GM I'll believe you capable of murder on the day I become skinny, rich and handsome.

    Paul - yeah I was surprised I found that one. I thought maybe upi'd guess the songs secret but maybe you weren't an Airplabne fan like me - theywere after all from my area. The answer BTW is that the singer on that hit was not Gracie Slick - it was SIgne Anderson.

    Fos - that seems to be the nature of most insecurities and sevrets - they really are not worthy of the stress we allow them to engender.

    D - you put too much faith in government :) Reserve it for your powers that be in Utah. They clearly work for you.

    U - Yeah - it's definitely an under the carpet deal. Mostly idle curiosity for me and I thought it'd be nice to know about a couple of personality traits that obviously came from him.