Friday, November 16, 2012


Pleasure.  A rare commodity for me these days.  Hang on a sec while I pour a glass of whiskey.....

We'll start here   with an Irish Show Band from the mid sixties....

That's a soothing start - nice to relax to while sipping that whiskey, just what's needed after a long day.

Now things are moving along nicely

Brit take on blues - sort of -

Time for a little reflection - I've heard this is Dylan's fave version

One more Dylan tune

A little rockin - a great road song while driving

Winding down now...

Last one - for I really am just an old folkie at heart

So now you see how music brings me pleasure - by listening to it and sharing it.  Ands that's a take on Pleasure 

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  1. Music brings me pleasure too. I'm a pianist, and I also have sung in our church choir for many years. Now that I read your post, I feel that I should have written about how much pleasure I get from art!

  2. The Blue Aces Band was formed in Waterford round about 1957/58 from an earlier band called the MELLOCHORDS. Rehearsals took place in bass player Seamus Carew's front room. How everyone fitted in remains a mystery. The bass in those days was a full size upright bass fiddle!! Jerry O'Shea used to carry his drum kit there in an old pram... Sophistication at its finest! The 'Van" was a white Commer minibus with seating for ten, space at the back and a roof rack. Speakers, drum cases, and bass fiddle all went on top covered with a tarpaulin, and it was parked in the open at night... innocent times! Duchy O'Meara the trombone player, had the dubious honour of loading the roof in all weathers.

  3. Too many tunes to listen to all at once now - so I'm rushing towards Them - great song - memories of mellow times. Never saw Them, but had the grumpy pleasure of Van the Man a few times. I always enjoyed even if he didn't look like he was.

  4. Memories of the past with these classics, Shackman. Don't let that whiskey go to your head.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

  5. Shackman, I was with a friend the last few days in Delhi. Both of us share an interest in Hindustani Classical music and he has got live recordings of what we call a jugal bandhi ( converted from tapes into CDs. Very rare and spellbinding. I know exactly what pleasure such music can provide. Here is a small sample.