Friday, December 7, 2012


Music.  It's an art form that varies widely by cultures.  It's quarter notes, half notes, notes, scales, bars, 4/4, 5/4, harmony, octaves - does anyone really know what an octave is? Who really cares? Fact is, throw bits and pieces of all those things in a bowl, mix them up, add some cultural spice, an instrument or 20, some people and you have music.  Examples to follow - like you didn't expect that. :) Check out a couple of them.

You know music -  it soothes

It stirs the soul

Some "orchestras" use very few instruments

Music crosses cultural divides.  This song was a huge hit worldwide in the 60s in the US - all in Japanese.  We had NO clue what the words meant but the beauty of the melody and the emotion the song generated made it a hit.


Now about those octaves.... here're a couple of ladies with amazing vocal range

By now you've guessed  music is very important to me. It always has been but these days frankly it is a large part of what keeps me as sane as I am. If I had one day left and could listen to 10 songs only, today those songs would be - in no particular order - Pachelbel's Canon, Frank Sinatra's Cycles, Springsteen's Born to Run, Ed Ames - Who Will Answer,  Kenny Rankin's Peaceful, Beatles A Day In the Life, We Five You Were On My Mind, Stones Get Off My Cloud,  Gin Blossoms Follow You Down and Mozart's Symphony 40 and Dave Brubeck's Take Five. Yes - I know that's more than 10.  Oh well.  A somewhat eclectic mix that changes daily.  I leave you with this...

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  1. You have not disappointed me. What a selection! I posted and RIP insert in this morning's FB of Dave Brubeck's Take Five. I wish that I had done that as a sign off on my LBC post!

  2. Great selection. I gave a big sigh when I heard of the death of Dave Brubeck.

  3. Brubeck was my choice because the story was so local here. But, I am in awe of your own musical range, shackman! And, I'm so glad you got Lady Day in there.

    Oh, something else. Am I the only one who thinks Julie Andrews is one of the classiest, most beautiful women to ever walk the planet?

  4. My father was a pianist and I grew up with jazz, still I was a great fan of the Doobie Brothers.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

  5. Rummy - glad you liked my choices.
    GM - anyone our age that enjoys music fgelt that loss
    Fos - Julie Andrews was hot hot hot before hot was a term related to female beauty - LOL - and she is a classy lady
    maxi smooth jazz is a great soother for me - then on ocasion I toss up the anti-jazz - zydeco for a buzz

  6. Another interesting eclectic collection - my favourite - the Zulus. I imagine it was very impressive to see on the big screen - and the slow build up even more menacing than the breakneck action often offered today.
    It reminds me of watching a football (soccer) match of Bulawayo Highlanders (western Zimbabwe) at home - against an army side I think - the crowd singing was superlative.
    (I've finally posted my own musical offering.)