Friday, January 4, 2013


It will no doubt surprise very few that to relax I pour a nice single malt or some good bourbon in a glass, sit back and crank up some music (Or a nice cup of coffee if it's early in the day like today). My life is so hectic these days I relish those few moments I can truly call mine.

What you may not know is the 6 months that I have most enjoyed was the 6 months I spent in Hawaii in 1986.  Here's one of my Hawaiian faves from then. The lead singer is the late Moe Keale - who became a friend during my stay there.

Then there's my wayback machine that takes me back to the 60s -
Looks like I'm stuck here - this was written by my good friend Ron Ryan - uncredited -
And then there's this John Fogarty classic by Gene Clark and Carla Olson
I'm an old folkie at heart so this is up next...
That's a sampling of how I relax.  Check out how the other member of the LBC relax -  Delirious, gaelikaa, Grannymar, Maxi, Maria SF, Padmum, Paul, Ramana, The Old Fossil and Will. 


  1. As usual a good melange to put one into the right frame of mind and body. Proper seating is vital too!

    I too use music but I let the iPod to shuffle so that I get an eclectic selection say from Classical Western to Indian, jazz, Hindi film music, and so on. Except when I want to stay with one particular group, I find that this is more relaxing. The iPod is connected to my sound system so, I don't have to wear head phones and that too makes a great difference.

  2. I have several music playlists that encompass all of the various styles I enjoy. I have never owned an iPod - LOL.

  3. I love how music blends right into your life. My deepest exposure was when my daughter was in the school choir, but that is a different music. I need to learn from you here, turn to music for relaxation more often.

    I've already got the Single Malt down ...

  4. Fos I think it's because I wanted to play but had zero talent for it - a worse guitar player never lived - but it was fun. Even when I wasn't occupied with life like today music was my hideout.

  5. I never learned to play any instruments and am not allowed to sing in the bath.... and hey, I live alone! I do like to listen to music, some to get me up and moving in the morning, something else to wend my way through the house chores and later in the day, something to accompany a glass of wine and some nibbles.. now that is the way to relax.

  6. I have really been missing music these past few months. I brought a lot of CDs with me to China, but they don't have CD players for sale here. Everything is digital. My son is doing home school, so the computer is usually tied up. I think I'm going to have to move to MP3, and transfer over my CDs...

  7. You have my sympathy for the hectic in your life, Shackman. Keep the Hawaiian music going, it is very soothing. Hope things slow down for ya.
    Blessings ~ Maxi