Friday, April 12, 2013


I started out as a child. Some contend I never progressed. In some ways I suspect those folks may be correct. At any rate I am much older now. And wiser. Well - maybe wiser.

Everyone needs a code that they can live by. It falls to the parents to teach their children

Teach but let them develop their own selves at the same time.  And remember - they are sponges and will soak up EVERYTHING you say and do.

When you look back on your life chances are your emotional peaks and valleys more often then not revolved around your kids.

It all seems so simple.  In theory anyway.  The results are out there for all to see. Watch the news. Listen to the music. Read what they write.  Look at the world around you and decide for yourself if we've done a good job.

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  1. Cats in the cradle was ruined for me by this version:

    1. Well I can see why but the songs point remains valid. Harry was a keen observer of the human condition.

  2. There was a time that I taught my son, my only child, many things. Now, the shoe is on the other foot and he teaches me many things. That is how life is and I enjoy the reversal or roles. It does not however stop me from enjoying the company of little children whenever I come across them and I learn from them too. In that respect I suppose that like you, I too never grew up.

  3. I am always wondering if I did a good enough job. Two of my children are launched, and are great people. The other two are still a work in progress. I hope I've done everything for them that they needed.