Friday, April 26, 2013

LBC Topic - Out of sight, out of mind"

Is that so? Does out of sight necessarily mean out of mind? In this digital age I suspect nothing could be further from the truth.  Seems to me the texting generations almost prefer being out of sight - seems silly even to them to text a person you are sitting with. Usually.

In this age of instant access to news reports -right or wrong, stories appear almost as if there is an embedded reporter at every event - it should be impossible to ignore the troubles in the middle east and Africa.  Unless of course what goes on is not deemed newsworthy by the powers that be.  Africa seems to rank near the bottom of the newsworthy food chain - not enough oil to be concerned with maybe? Couldn't be color could it? What the hell - a few thousand starving kids in Africa and their despotic rulers don't impact us or anyone we deem important so we'll beat our breasts over Syria. We have an interest there.

When it comes to old friends the pendulum swings both ways - how many classmates from high school or earlier do you think about? Remember? I'm generally lucky that way although I honestly believe that out of sight these days to some is a relief.  They don't have to be placed in the uncomfortable position of dealing with or commenting about Lynn's condition. I get that.  People here in town avoid me because they simply don't know what to do or say. Frankly at times neither do I.   But I will be eternally grateful to the ones that stay in touch or manage to work in time for a visit whenever they can.

There are times when this old saw is good advice,.  There are times it is pure, unadulterated horse hockey. That's for you to decide. What you remember is up to you.

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  1. I feel for you, I remember the crossing the street days, first it was as if I was contagious and anyone talking to me would catch Jack's cancer. Then after he died, they just ignored me, some still do. But hell, anyone who can do that is not worth worrying about.

    Stay strong my friend. We your LBC family care very much!

  2. The only thing keeping me from your doorstep is half a continent.

  3. Thanks Marie. And Fos - I thought it was the expensive bottle of scotch you'd have to bring - LOL. Actually both of you guys and the rest of the LBCers have been a Godsend. This has been somewhat cathartic and I;ve been a bit freeer with info of late.

  4. I think with time, we don't forget, but we do think about people less often.

  5. I have never seen a photograph of yours without your glasses, so the song could not be for you! But otherwise, I agree that the proverb is horse manure.