Friday, January 17, 2014

Are newspapers of any value in the digital age?

Thus ponders the sage of FT Worth.  That'd be me.  I am to blame for this topic.

Why in the digital age where news reaches us as it happens would anyone want to read a newspaper? Isn't it just regurgitated old news? My goodness.

Truth is, I enjoy the newspaper - both hard copy and online versions. I find them quite relevant.  A good story, well written, beats the hell out of a talking head trying to get the scoop on-site as it happens any day. . In fact many - most? news stories happen over time and things change rapidly. Facts change as they are discovered, not speculated on.  I'd rather read a well-written recap of an event than stay glued to my computer/TV 24/7/365 as a story unfolds.

Here's a blog that discussed this same topic and I think he nailed it - Are Newspapers Relevant?

Two of the most important stories in my lifetime may not have happened without newspapers - Watergate and the NSA  scandal. Both required real investigative journalism. 

Without newspapers would we know anything about this guy?

Before social media there was this....

So yes my friends - newspapers are still relevant.  Maybe more today than ever,  progressive or conservative, don't give up on them. 


  1. Newspapers still have a value today! Have you ever tried to wrap your chips/fries in a kindle or laptop and where would you put the salt & vinegar? ;)

  2. Back home in America I stopped taking the paper because I found that we never really disposed of them well, and they would start stacking up in our house. But I do like the tactile experience of the newspaper, and I miss them. Perhaps I will take a subscription when I return to the States.

  3. Here's the problem, Shackman. Back in the day we could trust a newspaper to be accurate … not so today.
    blessings ~ maxi

  4. I simply cannot do without my daily dose of two newspapers for news and two papers for business and economics. It helps that they also contain crossword puzzles! I do not watch TV and rarely miss the news that keeps going around there nonstop. Online news pop ups too are irksome and I simply ignore most of them. So, to answer your question, no at least for me the newspaper has a great value.