Friday, April 25, 2014

The cuckoo in the nest - LBC topic

This weeks topic is "The cuckoo in the nest"  -  a reference to a member of a group that stands out for the wrong reasons and tends to be unpopular. It's an idiom I had not heard until this morning when I read our topic, offered to us by Padmum.

There' s a wildly popular television show here in the states  called Deadliest Catch.  It tells the tales of crab fishermen in Alaska by having camera crews embedded with the crews of 8 fishing vessels and offers two prime examples of cuckoos in the nest.

Crab fishing in Alaska pays exceptionally well..  Some earn up to and over $200k per annum.  But it is also extraordinarily dangerous work.  Occasionally a rookie gets hired on and that guy immediately becomes a cuckoo in the nest of that particular boat - known as a greenhorn. With lives at stake, the crews must work together and function as smoothly as possible to survive and thrive.

Then there are the Discovery people on the boats whose job is to  capture the stories and film the action. And in doing so they are supposed to almost invisible and not get in the way.

Talk about an impossible dream.

If you have a chance, give Deadliest Catch a try.  My late wife Lynn and I got hooked on the show almost 10 years ago. And to check out the other members of the LBC to see their takes on cuckoos in the nest.


  1. Greetings, Shackman.
    I guess the danger is what makes the fishing in Alaska pay so well. But you know, there are some things I wouldn't do for all the money in the universe.

  2. This cuckoo has decided that dry ground is the place for me!.

  3. Man, I wish that I could see the serial. I am putting the resident geek on the job to see if I could get a recorded version some way or the other. I love fisherfolk and have given a link to a post in my blog. I have met a lot of them all over the world and have great admiration for them.