Friday, April 18, 2014

Undone - LBC topic

Today's topic comes from the mysterious Will Knott. I must confess - this is a topic I find totally uninspiring but in my usual shackman shoot from the hip I'll give it a shot.

Udone.  Unfinished  Well - if you're reading this your life is undone.  With a bit of luck mine is as well. Then again, you could be reading this with the buttons on your shirt undone.. Is undone in the eyes of the beholder? Why sure - that means a very rare steak is completely finished to some - myself included - bvut undone to folks who like their meat more fully cooked.  Or are Rummy's vegetables undone in a dish ifthey are al dente? Or is that done? Dunno - better ask the man. 

Musically undone is quite easy - thanks to Burton Cummings and his bandmates from Canada - OK - they spelled it kinda odd but give me a break

Then there's this by Weezer

At this point, whilst this post feels undone I'm gonna stop anyway.  Hopefully my partners ain the LBC did a better job than I with this one.


  1. If I was writing on this topic, it might have been about elastic that came undone! :evil:

  2. Underdone rather than undone will make the vegetables retain their strength except for those meant for salads where the latter will do just fine. Having got that safely out of the way, let us come to the spelling problems. Since when did an American start pointing fingers at the Canadians for their spelling prowess?

  3. It's a word with myriad meanings. Or a myriad of meanings. I'm knitting a scarf at the moment and I keep on ripping as I go because the stitches keep on becoming undone...

  4. Here's an oddity... even people can become undone. Yep, they can just be walking around seemingly just fine and then boom... something happens and they become undone! How can that be?