Friday, May 23, 2014

My odd habit - LBC Post

Today's topic comes to us from China via Delores 9aka Delirious) - a no longer active poster. She certainly sent us out on a high note - this topic should be fun to read about, maybe not so much to write about.  We shall see very soon.

It may be somewhat ironic but I am a lousy chess player.  Why ironic? Chess requires one to constantly look ahead several moves to help determine what the next - or rather current - move should be.  I am an inveterate multitasker and nearly always have several (too many) irons in the fire as it were.  It comes from the fact that I bore easily - so I am always pondering options.  It has occurred to me that this can and probably does prevent me from focusing on the occasional subject as clearly as possible. Ever wonder why my LBC posts tend to be short? I've said i n the past and will repeat here - I look at the topic the morning it is due and then begin writing.  It's all very free-form and off the cuff. I have developed the habit of being able to say what I want without much if any revision. That's because I am usually already thinking about the next task while writing.  Also - when I choose a song to add to a posy there is no deep thought process - I just have a vast catalog of songs stored away and picking one for a topic is relatively easy. Eclectic tastes in music do help I suppose.

Other odd habits?  
  • I seldom read without music playing at the same time.
  • I speed read (not the same as scanning)
  • I start each day with a huge cup of very good coffee (26-32oz.)
  • I have a short fuse that leads to a nasty temper but can't hold a grudge longer than about 5 minutes
  • Can be a bit melodramatic
  • Have always preferred the sound of he Dave Clark 5 to that of the Beatles while acknowledging the Beatles as the greatest rock band in history
  • Nice sehue to a music b reak eh?)

  • There are more but I have things to do - like work - and as I am planning on retiring soon I'd best get some stuff done.  That's it for layers of onion skin from the shack closet today.  Now I get to read what the others had to say - shuld be fun!


    1. To read anything serious, I need to cut all background distractions. I SLOW read, I know people get bored with me saying that, just like I do about speed reading, but there are plenty of others like me out there. Blogging is for fun, so the radio or music playing in the background are fine.

      I am punctual, a go round the block again, punctual!
      I start each day with a kettleful of hot water and a pill, then have to wait an hour for food. :( Problem is I can forget I have not eaten. Not good! I'm learning.

    2. You are an odd one alright. You have taken a singular subject and come up with plural oddities! But, I am glad because these posts enable me to learn more about you.

      1. If you read between the lines you will see that I am simply a singularly odd fellow.

    3. My problem is that I have a lot of odd habits. :)

    4. I really enjoyed this post. Like Grannymar I can't read with background music. I majored in music (organ) & I hear every nuance.
      bikehikebabe or Cynthia

      1. Thanks BHB - I think this might be the first time you've commented on one of my posts -