Friday, May 30, 2014

So be it

So be it - brought tous by Ramana.  We've discussed something quite similar before - que sera sera is really the same.  Whatever will be will be.  I get it. It is what it is  It's the acceptance of something you can't change.  Imagine Jean Luc Picard telling you to "make it so" - You non-Star Trek folk may not get that one.  So be it.

Gotta wonder if this caused Ramana to choose this weeks topic -

ASTU - SO BE IT - Marathi Movie Trailer - Dr... by RajshriMarathi

Guess I'll find out when I read his blog.

This is the type of topic that would have been covered in my philosophy classes in college.

Then there is this -

Things are what they are. So be it.



  1. Looks to be a really good movie based on the trailer you posted. Gather however it might be a bit of a tear-jerker.

    In the end, it seems to me that whoever is proclaiming the "Make it so!" edict is making life miserable for all of us "So be it!" folks... :)

  2. No TOF when I had suggested the topic the film had not been released. It is what we call an art movie meaning that it is not a commercial success but gets awards and critical acclaim. It is in the language of the state that I live in and Agashe is a highly respected stage actor primarily but does have a following on the big screen too.

    Alan got the exact drift in his comments at my post. Do feel free to punch some holes there!

  3. Sorry Shackman, I addressed my comment to the TOF by mistake. Please forgive me. I am obsessed by him!

  4. NP Ramana - I understand the obsession