Friday, June 13, 2014

Unclehood - LBC topic

Unclehood.  I am Uncle Bubba to a fetching batch of young ladies - Becca, Sammy and Rachel - my brother's kids; Heidi and Nicole - my sister's kids; and Lin - an "adopted" niece and daughter of the late Pete Dintino - one of the best friends I have ever had. The moniker Bubba comes from the fact that my brother and sister - 11 and 10 years younger than I - could not say brother - it came out Bubba.  Still does.  So since they still call me Bubba it is only natural that my nieces all call me Uncle Bubba.

Interesting thing about being an uncle  - on occasion nieces - and I suppose nephews biut of course I have no personal experience there - might on occasion listen to you when they would likely blow off the actual parent.  Or so I've heard.

Truth of the matter is I am on Facebook largely because the nieces find it convenient to keep up with family comings and goings there.



Sister-in-law Margie, Sammy, Becca, my dad, Rachel
The bottom pic was at one of Sammy's softball games - she had a full scholarship to Notre Dame De Amur and it was close enough to home that there were always family members at the games.  Sammy is 6-ft. tall and got the pitching genes I wanted.  Becca is working and going to school.  Truth is she's the hell-raiser of the group.  New mom Rachel is happily at the moment a stay-at-home mom.  Nic is a chef  and Heidi a cosmetologist. Lin just graduated from college and is looking into grad school.  Pete is very proud of her - as am I and her other surrogate uncles - Pete' s posse - she did yeoman work taking care of Pete when he fell ill.  

I am extremely proud of each of my nieces. They have unlimited potential  and are working hard at realizing that potential. They are also very different.  My brother and sister's kids were brought up in the family tradition of athletics and Sammy pushed that envelope along quite nicely.Heidi and Nic were both excellent soccer players and their mom and I were involved as coaches, league officials and the like.Heidi and Nic are from Hawaii and have a special reverence for aunties and uncles because of that.  
Lin is quite independent and not afraid to do whatever it takes to get what she wants.  She spent time recently as a student ion Costa Rica.  It was  a great experience.  Becca and Sammy I think prefer Vegas.  But fear not - I believe what happens in Vegas stays there ladies. I bet the guy Sammy took out in one punch for messing with Becca wishes Sammy had stayed home though.

I've often wondered if the nieces think of me like this - Buck's kind of a roll model.

So that''s a quick shack-take on unclehood.


  1. Well I am going to adopt you as my own uncle. I ask you in all seriousness, who wouldn't want an "Uncle Bubba"?

    And of course who could not love Uncle Buck. Just recently watched that movie for about the third time a few months back.

    I idolized my two uncles, even after growing up. Never spent a lot of time with them at all but they just seemed bigger than life. Don't even really know why.

    I'm uncle to a couple of nieces and a couple of nephews. I know they know of my existence but am clueless as to how I am viewed by them. We are all on Facebook but seldom are words exchanged.

    1. My namesake Uncle Chuck was more like an older brother since he was younger than my mom the age span was not dissimilar to that of my brother/sister and me. We were political opposites but great pals.

  2. Like Alan, I like Uncabubba too! Sounds great and indeed better than my Uncadonald. Great kids your nieces and I am zapped that one of them is a six footer. I have a niece who is my cousin's daughter who is an inch shorter and she gives me a complex! Your father looks grand too. I now feel like kicking myself for not having put in some photographs!

    1. Don't be shocked - I'm 6'2", my little brother is 6'3" and my sister is 5'10" - only one that missed the tall gene is Becca

  3. In my generation, 'Unclehood' goes to my four brothers. Growing up I had two uncles for every aunt. Mammy had five brothers and one sister, while daddy had five brothers and four sisters. Alas all that generation are now floating around on clouds! There were some great characters among the uncles.

  4. Its an honour to know them all :) Thanks for a heart warming post!