Friday, June 27, 2014

Much ado about nothing....

Come on.  Admit it.  We've all been there.  There's some moment or situation on our lives that we were guilty of blowing something out of all reasonable proportion.   Nobody is reasonable and sane 100% of the time - at least if you're honest with yourself.

The current political scene here in the USA and in other countries is a prime example of  today's topic in action.  So deep are the lines drawn in the sand that when either side passes gas the other pounces on that fact and blasts the offender as an unpatriotic, society destroying boob. 

Kids are great at making much ado about nothing - especially when it comes to hurting themselves in some minor way.  After long periods of wailing and crying the application of a simple band aid usually solves the matter.  Regardless of the owie - a band aid is typically a fix-all response.

In many cases some folks will blow anther's error out of all proportion - simply to make themselves look better.  Although the result is often completely the opposite it happens regularly in the business world.

As the source of the saying concerned spying and gossiping about others (at least that is what I am led to believe as I am not nor have I ever been a fan of Shakespeare)  an analogous to the NSA and it's obsessive reading of emails and listening to phone calls seems also in order.  And the obsessive use of so-called traffic cameras everywhere - common in the UK and an the rise here -   seems also to be an example of overkill. We are rapidly becoming a society based on spying, snooping, gossip and rumor.  All central themes in Much Ado About Nothing.

Looking for a classic example of the topic in action? Take a look at what right-wing pundit Ann Coulter says about the  World Cup. God forbid you like tacos, curry, bangers and mash or something.  

So it seems there are countless examples of much ado about nothing screaming "Look at me!"  Secrets and secrecy abound.   Gossip is everywhere.  Here's a musical example that does real justice to Much Ado About Nothing.

That's my quick take on today's topic.  Time to see what the other LBC folks have to say.


  1. Not much you can say about Nothing, but smor people enjoy making a storm in a teacup! ;)

  2. Politics and kids, I can't think of better examples to define your challenge. It would be difficult these days to figure out which of the two are more talented with there presentations.

    As to the music of course, the Ames Brothers have always been a top favorite of mine and "The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane" was the song that first introduced me to them. I still think its a great song. And my second all-time favorite from the brothers... "You, You, You".

    I did notice however that they have seemed to have picked up an extra brother somewhere along the line. I wonder what that is all about. On second thought, perhaps since Ed is much more apt to be tied up with other projects, they have a sub for the "Ames Brothers" appearances due to Ed's frequent inability to join them.

    1. Alan Ed Ames is my fave male cocalist - saw him sevceral times. Most memorable was when at a theater in the round - the Circle Star in San Carlos CA - when he sang the Impossible Dream acapella, Nothing but his voice and the packed theater (4-5,000 or so) went crazy. He could easily be heard in the lobby. His live stuff on Youtube from a few years ago is amazing .

  3. Shackman, I spent a fortune and a great deal of time searching for the naughty lady of shady lane in my misspent youth with no success whatsoever and I assure you that it was not much ado about nothing! I knew that she was there somewhere. Except that I was most decidedly not looking for a nine year old. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing this song and the gang back into my life. You are the man buddy!