Friday, February 13, 2015

What is the most surprising thing about you?

What is the most surprising thing about me??  Well frankly I'm a what you see is what you get - or in the case of blogging, what you read is what you get kind of guy.  I'm a baby boomer awaiting my first SS check and have most traits associated with my age group.

Oddly enough though - or is it ironic - that considering I earn a living by writing and I love blogging, I am the world's worst typist. Yes I know - it is not an earth shattering surprise but a surprise none the less.  And the other that immediately comes to mind - I have NEVER  smoked an entire cigarette in my life.  I suspect that alone is the primary reason the multiple Xs in front of the L on my frame have not yet yet allowed Rube Sofer and his team of reapers to collect my soul as of yet.

I cannot make the same claim about that other herb but in general I was known for my spaghetti sauce with an oregano substitute I used - not smoking the stuff.

So there ya have it.  I'm pretty boring though a nickname change is likely in the works considering the plight of my employer.


  1. The nickname change is no surprise but you being a boring fellow is.

  2. Track man?
    As usual, love your blog

  3. Was surprised to hear you are considering a 'nickname' change given your history with the name. I am, and always have been, a huge fan of Radio Shack and seemingly have been patronizing that business since I was a young boy. I have a small little audio mixer that I purchased at Radio Shack more than 30 years ago now and it remains one of my favorite pieces of audio gear and I still use it often. I for one like the name, especially given your history!

    1. Yeah you're right Alan - Shackman will likely stick with me to the end - LOL. Boy were those stores fun to manage back in the day - I started in Marina Del Rey CA - had lots of actors & actresses as clients - we even had an RC car reserved for Mort Sahl to play with when he came in. Fun times.

  4. We get used to a handle and shackman seems to suit you. Mine was conferred on me way back in 1973, The guy responsible still drives 120 miles to treat me to lunch.

    Stay well and enjoy the new adventures.