Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Yesterday - February 10 - marked the one-year anniversary of the passing of my wife and companion of 45 years, Lynn.  It's been a long year in many ways, made even more so by the bankruptcy filing of my employer of 30 years - RadioShack.

Upon reflection, I have been very lucky to have spent such substantial portions of my life with one woman and one company.  Both seem largely at odds with our society these days and I think that's a shame. In these days of "what have you done for me lately" loyalty and commitment seem to have lost their luster.  More's the pity. Today it's cut and run at the first sign of trouble. And so today I salute my friends Ramana, Conrad, Marie (aka Grannymar), Maxi and the others who know or have known that level of commitment, loyalty and love in their lives.

For Lynn - well I wouldn't be me without some musical commentary so here we go.....

I sure hope my friends that say the hurt gets more bearable with the passing of time are right.


  1. 45 years! You were indeed blessed,

    I did not have even half of that. Twenty years and a few months were all we had when illness took him from me. The wound is still there, even now seventeen years later, though more like a longtime scar than a gaping hole. We knew heading into marriage that time would be short, so perhaps that made us more aware of each precious moment. As you know, yesterday I marked Jack's birthday. 95 years since the day of his birth.

    How do I cope? I quietly celebrate all our special days, and having Elly is a constant reminder of her dad. I have been out for meals and even to stay over in male friend's homes, all good fun, but nothing more. Within five weeks of his death, I was asked if I would get married again. My answer then is the same as it would be today:

    I do not expect to, but never say never.... Who knows if my work in the great scheme of things is over, or if I still have an unseen part to play?

    Hang in there kiddo, remember we are not alone in this journey. I heard of another friend this week, who has just lost her husband to illness.

    Healing hugs
    Marie (aka Grannymar)

  2. My dearest Chuck,

    It has been said to me the first year is the hardest, don't know 'bout that. Three and a half have passed for me and the pain is as raw as the first moment.

    Hopefully, it will be different for you. I pray that your heartache eases as each day passes.

    Not long before my David got sick we had a talk. I told him should I go first he should not be alone … that he had my blessing to be with happy with someone else.

    love and blessings ~ maxi

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  4. Chuck,
    I didn't know what to say a week ago, and I still don't now. There are no words to help a person going through this kind of pain. My thoughts are with you.