Friday, March 13, 2015

The Travails of Blogging

Today's topic comes to us from our Dame Quixote - Padmum.

Truth be told, I do not find blogging to be painful or difficult. That's because I typically only post 3 or 4 blogs monthly beyond the weekly LBC topic. That may change shortly when I retire but only time will tell.  My point is simple - I do not run out of topics upon which to pontificate or bloviate as Mr O 'Reilly likes to say.

I actually find blogging to be quite pleasant and a good way for a shy guy like me to open up a bit. I have opinions on almost everything and they are fun to share and discuss. It is rare when a topic causes any consternation - only the post I wrote when Lynn died comes to mind.  Yet even that post was written in the style that I use for these LBC posts.  I just sat down and began writing. What came out were the emotions I was feeling at that moment. I am fortunate to be able to organize my thoughts and get them out without  revision - these posts are essentially off-the-cuff as it were. I look up the topic, write and am typically finished within 15 or so minutes.

The musical selections are also off the cuff. I have a fairly substantial and somewhat eclectic music library in my mind - a virtual steel-trap of useless information.

So that's a quick shack take on this weeks topic.  Time to see what my pals at the LBC have to say.

For this week's musical interlude I suggest we make this little ditty the unofficial LBC anthem...


  1. Shackman, I do enjoy your "take me as you find me" attitude. No airs, no graces, no vanities. Just you. It's refreshing.


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