Friday, March 6, 2015


Imagine a world wherein the hunters of the group could hardly wait for the opening of cabbage season.  Or cauliflower season. Would you believe broccoli season? Welcome to the world of vegetarianism.

Vegetarianism is a lifestyle chosen by many and it is just that - a lifestyle choice. Why - some of my best friends are vegetarians though I'd be hard pressed to name a friend that is vegan - the extreme vegetarian that eschews any animal byproducts as well as meat/fish/poultry. I promise I am not a vegan bigot - I simply haven't come across any in my circle of life.

Vegetarians are said to live longer than we carnivores although I suspect adherents to a Mediterranean  lifestyle (when it comes to food) do as well as vegetarians.

Why am I not a vegetarian? Let me count the ways - rare steak, smoked anything, fried fish for starters. Those undoubtedly account for several of the Xs in front of the L on my buffalo petite frame but so be it. But I freely admit that I have enjoyed many fine vegetarian meals and I often joke with my friend Ramana that I'd make a great vegetarian. Quite frankly I  intend to lean much more heavily on vegetarian cuisine once I make the upcoming change in   my living arrangements in a couple of months. As the door to Texas slaps me in the rear when I cross the border headed for a new location - most likely North Carolina - and a new residence with only my dog Ginger as a companion I intend to learn how to properly create vegetarian meals.

Now don't get me wrong - there will always be room at my table for a well grilled steak or some slowly smoked ribs but I look forward to the challenge of learning a new style of cooking.  There're definitely some Indian and Chinese cookbooks in my future.

That's this weeks quick shack-take on the weekly LBC topic, Now it's time to see what the others have to say on the topic.

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  1. You have not missed much by not coming across any vegans. Despite being a vegetarian I find them quite tiresome for their evangelical zeal to convert me. I like my yogurt and cottage cheese and milk with my ginger chai. Do you think you can afford an Indian cook who can also cook / grill non vegetarian food in your new avatar? If you send me a green card or H1B visa, I will be most pleased to come over and work for less than minimum wages provided you give me lodge and board.