Thursday, April 16, 2015

Legends Of My Hometown

I am from a modest sized town in southern Colorado called Pueblo. It was a steel town - the largest employer being Colorado Fuel and Iron (CF&I) but of course when the US made steel industry collapsed so did that company. here is still a steel presence there though,

Pueblo is the home of four Congressional Medal of Honor winners - William J Crawford,   Carl L sitter,  Raymond G Murphy and Drew D Dix. Must be something in the water as that seems pretty remarkable for a city with 100K or less population.

David Packard of Hewlett Packard (HP) fame is from Pueblo.
Benjamin Guggenheim lived in Pueblo and he had the misfortune to take a ride on the Titanic.
NFL Hall of Famer Dutch Clark is from Pueblo.
Former NFLer Gary Knafelc is from there. Family rumor has it he dated my mother for a bit.

On a lighter note at one time there was a Brooklyn Dodger Class C farm teamin Pueblo. Notable players who passed through induded Walter Alston, Dick Bartell, Sparky Anderson, Roger Craig, Roy Face, Jim Gentile, Larry Sherry and Mauiry Wills. For several years our basement apartment was home to Dodger players, most notably Jim Gentile. I was around  then but too young to remember much.

Here's what my house looks like today - when I lived there it looked pretty much the same = but the yard was all grass. It was built by my grandfather.

A head of the Denver mafia family was born in Pueblo and there was a mafia presence that I recall from my years there (1949-1959) along with a corrupt police department. A notable member of said corrupt PD was my spemr donor father  - a guy named Paul Wesley Brooke - a fellow so bad that his family refuses to speak to me.
Pueblo these days is famous for its Chiles - here's a good bit of info on them for anyone interested - Pueblo Chile

That's it for my hometown but now I'm curious to see what the others have to say about where they're from.


  1. Yes, that is quite an impressive list of legends for a town of that size. That house looks beautiful. And don't be so modest! You are also a legend for coming from such an illustrious lineage!

  2. Rummy is right that is a well-known list. Besides Chuck, you're from there and your somebody.
    blessings ~ maxi