Thursday, April 30, 2015


Whilst I do not fancy myself a genius, it's not often I come across a subject about which I am totally ignorant. Ignorant  with a capital I.  Stuck on dumb, as it were but alas that is where my old HS classmate Lin has left me with her topic for this week's LBC  post.

Unless you consider a knee-jerk reaction to something  an involuntary response to some other sense's stimulation i guess I'm not a synesthete. Synesthesia seems to be another example of the things our minds are capable of and in fact another example of how little we do not know about those minds.

I am quite interested in what Lin has to say on this subject - and why she chose it. She's quite an interesting lady and this fits into that perception. The notion of color/number associations, sound/coor and more. In fact one of my all-time favorite singer/somgwriter/entertainers - Billy Joel - is a synesthete.

So thanks Lin - for coming up with a topic that will keep me busy exploring it!


  1. I always used to wake up on my birthday and hear Billy Joel playing on the radio, because his birthday is the same day as mine. I recently heard he's going to be a father again.He's a bit of a songwriting genius and in my opinion, very underrated. But how is he synaesthetic?

  2. Sorry this is so late, Chuck. Gotta tell ya my reaction was about like yours when this topic came up. I had never heard of Synesthesia.

    Still, I can relate as I have a sensory disorder with smells. There will strong smells of burning rubber, fire, sweet scents that don't exist.

    blessings ~ maxi

  3. Yes, the topic and the LBC posts have got me intrigued me enough too to continue learning more about the gift.

  4. I quietly skipped writing on this!!