Friday, July 24, 2015

New Rules

This week's topic draws its inspiration from the somewhat controversial Bill Maher and the segment with which he closes his TV show broadcast on HBO - New Rules.  I am the guilty party - I suggested the topic.

New Rules

  1.  Political correctness is an oxymoron and as such serves no useful purpose 
  2. Heinz yellow mustard - not French's . One taste and you'll agree.
  3. Atheism is a religion like abstinence is a sex position
  4. The NHL should change the name of their game name to Ice Boxing 
  5. Paying workers enough to live should be logical and reasonable
  6. Ted Nugent's rantings are not really Ted Talks by an expert on anything
  7. Gay marriage is legal. Get over it. And if that decision means someone can marry their bicycle or parakeet why should I care?
  8. More than 6 companies should be in charge of the media
  9. New and improved are not inextricably linked
  10. There is still no known cure for stupidity
  11. If the new Texas Open Carry law does not demonstrable reduce violent crimes  within a year it should be repealed
  12. Fiscal  conservativism and liberal social ideals are compatible - not mutually exclusive
  13. Term limits would solve a lot of our governmental issues - 
  14. It's possible to disagree on matters and remain civil and solve a problem
  15. Tramps like us - baby we were born to run........
For giggles here is an example of Bill's New Rules (language caution)

That's my take on this weeks topic. What do the other LBC  folk have to say????

,  Ashok gaelikka  Lin Padmum  Pravin and Ramana


  1. 1. yes, 2. bavarian with horseradish, 3, a-theism, 4. yes, 5. of course, 6. don't know the gent, 7. right on, if they at some point soon stop making such a huge big deal of it.. 8. yes, 9 yes, 10- oh lordy yes!, 11, probably-have to think about it, 12. see 11, although there are some liberal social issues I can't support, 13 does the name Ev Dirkson ring a bell? Or Hughey Long? 14.of course, but it takes two to tango, 15. been there, done that, most horrid frightening 7 years of my life (musicians' union rep under a VERY liberal, and VERY VERY corrupt system. Computer tapping and letting air out of tires before concerts are a way of life)


  3. To each his own, I say. Still, number 10 is my favorite.
    blessings ~ maxi

  4. Adapted to Indian conditions and situations, perfect set of rules.

  5. No 2 Whole grain mustard with Irish Whiskey is the only one for me!