Thursday, July 30, 2015

Up and Down

This weeks LBC topic comes from Maria in India - Up and Down.

As a child I loved teeter totters. Remember those? Up/down Up/down.
Up and down.  Unstable? or is the instability actually stability in disguise? That depends - I suppose - on what you are discussing. Take for example the ratings of a politician. They are typically up and down, depending on what gaff he or she committed on any given day. Unless of course the pol is Donald Trump. So far he seems impervious to foot-in-mouth disease. The mind boggles. One suspects he is such a breath of fresh air ad beholding to nobody - we must be cautious of the old adage "Be careful what you wish for". The thought of the Donald as president actually is frightening to me.

Then there's the old Roman thumbs up or down scenario. Seems we got that one wrong in the movies over the years as thumbs down was actually the good sign and thumbs up spelled curtains for the recipient.

Swing sets up and down


Jazz - my oldest granddaughter - just got her very first job - at Six Flags Amusement Park in Arlington.  Talk about up and down. One could certainly get there fill of up and down there. Best benefit? Jazz gets free rides.

Better her than me

Personally, this old-fashioned wooden roller coaster at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk was more than enough up and down thrills for me 

As you can see, up and down has many connotations that apply to our daily lives.  May all yours be the fun kind.


  1. I was on tour with a band playing at Santa Cruz when the guys, who had had more than a few, decided we had to ride that wooden monster. Luckily, they thought it would be fun to scare the girls by putting them in the front seats, so we were safe when what went down in the way of alcohol decided to come back up. Ah the good old days.

  2. I have mentioned at Lin's blog, my preference for Passenger Trains which are the equivalents to your Slow Trains that stop at every station enroute as opposed to Express Trains which stop only at major stations. And if you ask me to choose between that and the Roller Coaster, I would still prefer the Passenger Train! But of course life throws curve balls at us and we may inadvertently get on to RCs too, and if I am forced to, I will try and enjoy the ride!

  3. I think little too seriously on everything...

    Your view was more interesting than mine ;)

    This time around I did two things differently :D
    1. Did not write on Friday
    2. Changed the topic from and to OR

    1. Pravin I look up the topic and immediately write - it keeps me from over thinking the topic. It suits my nature. Yes you take the topics a bit more seriously than I do - at least some of them. The point is to just be you. If you read some of my other blogs, you'll see I can be quite serious too. I find your seriousness refreshing.

    2. You know what? Everyone loves the opposite of his character. So, my having a very serious outlook at things made your post interesting. I do not think that straight, easy, I think I get too serious with things :)

      So your thoughts look more appealing

  4. Love this post, Chuck. Kudos to your granddaughter.
    blessings ~ maxi