Friday, February 12, 2016

Pets LBC 02//12/16

I have been a pet owner all of my life. Shortly after my bhirth my grandparents bught a Cocker Spaniel and Pudgie became my first,  About the time i was 5 I also had a cat - a very large male Maine Coon that I promptly named Suzie. I have no idea why but he was big and tough. He looked just like this one.  We moved to California just before my 10th birthday.

Fast forward to today - my brood includes two tuxedo cats and a Basset hound - collie mix  - Stretch, Willie and Ginger. The cats are name  after my favorite baseball players Willie McCovey (Stretch) and Willie Mays. Lynn named Ginger literally the first time she saw her come out of the pet carrier.

Cats are interesting - they let us think we are in charge and do whatever they please. They can be very affectionate but only on their terms. Dogs, on the other hand, by nature are loyal, loving and very  much attuned to the mood of their masters.

The internet is flooded with videos of soldiers returning home after long periods away and their pets joy at their return is obvious.  Dogs grieve and mourn the loss of loved ones - animal and human. They are amazing companions and great sources of comfort. This I know from experience.Dogs can also prevent loneliness - this too I know from firsthand experience. I freely admit I will  always have a dog. Doing so insures I will always have a friend.

Now there are myriad other animals that serve as pets to folks. A friend of moine in North Dakota raises pidgeons. I have known bird lovers that keep Macaws,  Cockatiels, love birds and more. Snakes are also somewhat popular but frankly I cannot imagine snuggling up to one - ditto iguanas.

Pets are family members to their owners - and I concur.  Here are mine -




  1. A cat named Sue. A bit of a Cash problem? As to ginger, bassets trombone- sort of like- a-wooo, and collies have a light lyrical bark. What does a mix do? Or both? As to opening the tarantula youtube you sent, "one day, just when you thought it was safe to go into the water..." LOL

  2. Ginger brays like a hound - long and loud.

  3. I was never fond of cats, but Elly's dog Buffy, a Patterdale terrier, has worked her way into my heart. Dogs see us humans as part of the pack and are very loyal with those who care for them.

  4. Lynn was cat-woman so I bgrew to like them too. She was a cat whisperer - never meg a cat that wouldn't sit imn her lap and purr.

  5. Lynn was cat-woman so I bgrew to like them too. She was a cat whisperer - never meg a cat that wouldn't sit imn her lap and purr.

  6. We have only one dog left in our household and no cats, currently. Because I have begun having problems navigating around animals who might move when I'm in the process of stepping past them, we have decided that our current household member, a ten-year-old golden retriever, will be the last animal we rescue and invite into our home. I don't know if either I or my husband will be able to keep that intention, though.

  7. What a combination, a basset hound / collie combination. A very handsome specimen indeed.