Friday, August 19, 2016

My Favourite Season LBC

Another Ramana pick (the u gives it away) - and my favorite season is - drum roll please - the Fall.

For as long as I can remember the Fall has been my favorite time of year.  The temperature drops, the leaves change - Halloween, the Great Pumpkin, Ghosts, goblins and witches all  make an appearance. What could be better??

When I was a kid in Colorado every fall we would take a weekend trip to Aspen to see the trees Nothing much compares to the color and majesty of the Aspen change.   

 During te six years I played high school and college football there was that moment when the time changed - the fall  behind. That meant we either got out of practice an hour early or we ran conditioning drills in the dark. A double winner  - yes it's the small things that matter. It became  a game  game between the coaches and players about cutting corners on hose runs.

The Fall also begins the run up to tje holiday season here. Anticipation builds for  Christmas or whichever of the holidays holds meaning for you but frankly the Christmas anticipation swept everyone along.

I'll leave you with this version of the penultimate version of a Fall classic - I chose this version to honor Brian Scott - my lifelong friend who could blow a sax worthy of Stan Getz

Checck out Ramana's take  on thistopic here.


  1. While Stan Getz is good, I would have chosen

    We don't have the kind of autumn that you have in the West. We would call it post monsoon time before winter.

  2. oh shackman.
    a perfect post... topped off with stan the man.
    autumn is my favorite too.
    as a little girl walking the mile to school in canon city
    ringed by mountains... the valley held the wood and coal smoke that heated most homes then. i still can smell it in my mind... and feel the crisp air and that smoke going straight up!
    and then of course the rustle of the aspen gold.
    nothing quite like it.
    thanks for the memories!